Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Hi there! It's been a long time since I have written anything formal..errr..In-formal ;) Also, I must take your mind off my previous post regarding my exams! So many good wishes! ( I am deeply thankful for all of them but....This but never ends)

So coming back to my topic, I read many blogs and listened to many people while I had stopped blogging. And it takes a lot more effort to read than to write (not the case with my writings,eh?) One thing I found common to everyone was they are full of problems.

Valentine's day, it is a problem...marriage, a bigger problem....babies, aww,, the biggest problem.
Problems, problems everywhere. I think we as humans like to create a problem. If one is not getting the thoughts to write, it is again a problem. If we are happy, then it is a problem, and we find ways to screw the things for us. Love, friendship, people, office, work- all point to this same name PROBLEM !

So, with my so intellect thinking and instant problem solving attitude (My my..) I have come up with some effective solutions to solve these problems! :0
So let's start by taking up my problem-
I have exams, a big problem. What's the solution???(work my!) STUDY. That's the answer for it.
I have weight  issues. Exercise.

Coming to other problems-
I don't like my boss. Hmm.. it is a tricky one. Let's ignore it.
I don't like my girlfriend/boyfriend- leave him as simple as that.
I don't have money. Then find some work
I like this, that and stuff. Good. Buy it. there you see probem solved.
I am not getting anything to write. So, don't write! damn it!

See the solutions can be as simple as that !
But ALAS! only if the solutions could be as simple as that !!! :D