Wednesday, 27 February 2013

aaj ke samachar kuch is prakar hain-

1. A bird pooped on my shoulder the first thing  in the morning.(yikes)

2. My mother especially asked my sister to keep a check on me to see that I am studying properly.(double yikes!)

3. My free mbs of broadband are over. So you must pay for reading my blog.(seriously, no laughing)

4. I have a lot of pending chapters to complete. I just don't know how to do them in such a short time... But i do know that I'll create a bigger mess the next time. :\

5. My friend Mr. J was very kind enough to let me know that he bought himself a new car at 6 am in the morning.(grrr...i was sleeping..grrr...)

6. The biggest headline is I beat a friend in arm wrestling who supposedly hits the gym.*evil luk*

7. I think I stepped on a rat this morning...or a cat. The good thing is nobody heard my scream..yay!!!

8. I am abhishek and I am brain dead !

Aaj ke liye itna hi...
baaki ki khabre agle samachar me

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Rubbish #2

After going through a good night's sleep, I feel much better now. The last post was really a piece of crap. Really,when all your plans go awry and things get out of control, all of your power is drained. I hear people saying that it is in times like these the real character of a man is shown but I don't agree. How can a person be anywhere near himself when he is being held at a gunpoint? I just don't seem to get this idea of how people judge others by so many incredulous ways. They have hard to believe parameters of an ideal person. Of late, I have dealt with many of such people including the ones whom I had an entirely different image. They have disappointed me but being a very good person I have forgiven them(haahaahaa!).

From quite sometime now I have been out of the school. I joined coaching classes but left them midway because I just couldn't cope up with their schedule. So, I just sit at home all day long and it's been quite sometime since I have had a chance to talk to my friends. Speaking of friends, someone asked me why I have so less friends. Is it because I am an introvert was their next question X0
*deep deep sighs*
Poor souls, what can I say. They are entitled for their opinions.

I think I should get back to my loving padhai before I get mad any further... : |
Have a nice day...

P.S- CLARIFICATION- I do have a lot less frends but not because I am an introvert but because I love the people who are friends with me. And you can't have that kind of love for every person. So, even if they are a few, they are the bestest frns one can ever have !

Rubbbish #1

It's past midnight right now and i should have completed my physics chapter  but it seems to go on and on and on. There is a slight despondence in me because of this. So please bear with me if you find this post a bit disappointing.
Now, ever since I have started to blog I have written about things, things that were not about me. So, I guess this is the time for one hell of an eccentric post.
Starting from the beginning, I have been a very simple and straight guy(geez! I meant straightforward if you cooked up something else:P). I was good at studies coming in the top bracket most of the times. And my parents, teachers were all happy with my performance.
I occasionally used to participate in co-curricular activities half-heartedly just to make others happy. Least to say, sometimes I completely messed things up and some of the rarest times even I was amazed at myself.
I did not have too many friends. In school I was a bit outcast and things took a turn for worse in terms of socialising in school in 6th-7th grade. But I think it didn't matter to me and it still doesn't matter to me. I am wired differently to say the least.Time healed most of those wounds and I constantly tried to erase bad memories from my mind, unsuccessful each time. So I rather came up with a better option to learn from them and now my personality clearly reflects the pride of learning from experiences(smart,eh?)
But my academic front had always been my forte. I could never see myself lose on that front.  And just getting good marks wasn't enough for me. I always needed to be in the good books of my teachers and worked hard to make every piece of homework, a standard I had to cross the next time.The biggest disappointment came in class 11th when I first time met with failure in studies. Sparing you with exaggerated details on why and how, I would say it completely set me off the track and i am still trying to gain my lost momentum. There are a lots of people I have hurt in the way and lots more who have hurt me and I will talk about it in my subsequent posts but right now I just need to clear my head and this blog has given me that space.

Today is not my day. it just isn't is. I couldn't even meditate properly! And i just dunno what has gotten into me right now but I am being too negative. Life seems sullen and all the things seem so dull...
Please don't judge me as a miserable being. I am just not. I know it in my head very clearly that once i have a life, i have my future secured an entirely different person is awaiting in me to come out.  Life is just as unhappy as we make it and this is probably not the best phase of my life and I should cling to hope that things will take a better turn. But today pessimism surrounds me and I think i am bit sleepy too...I did not have a bad day,did i? i am not sure but this is not a good ending for such a long day. Some of the highlights were- A my childhood friend(we are frns since LKG) came by my house very first time and we had lots and lots of fun, eating ice-creams, chips and kurkures but still I was a bit different with him today. I am just not myself of late!
It's like something amiss. Something has been stolen from me... I just can't figure out what.
Aww....crap.. What have I been writing?? And it's already 1:30 am. I am heading for a disaster!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Afzal guru made headlines last week and the hoo-halla surrounding his death created more echoes than the man himself. All the newspapers yelled about it, people cheered on it and some cynical people got another reason to feel miserable about it. Hanging him just after 90 days of hanging the 26/11 terrorist, the government has yet again achieved another commendable milestone. It has shown again the power of political will and power of republic of India. But amidst all of this, extremists and political thinkers have condemned afzal gurus death as a highly political murder. The Kashmir CM was also unhappy and termed it as “heinous”. 
Now Afzal Guru had to die one day or the other and I am not one of those miserable fellows who will react by saying that it happened too late. I think better late than never. And I also feel that congress has done a commendable job and sense has finally prevailed over their fat butts. But still there is a weirdness connected with this death sentence. I don’t have any attachment to parliament attack mastermind and neither do those political analysts but what they say completely makes sense. It is not a death sentence but a high profile murder. It took place as a murder- in high secrecy, just like Kasab. And the UPA justified this with blatant lies. Some covering it up as fear of riots, others being more political calling it just like any other diktat. The death of Kasab was hailed as one of the most sought after victory of Indian judicial system but it laid a wrong foundation of adopting a communist approach in a democratic country. Both of these hanging aimed to exemplify the power of justice but did exactly the opposite. They actually gave us an insight to what has been rightly called “DEMOCRATIC APARTHEID  in India. It showed us what immense power rests in the hands of ruling party which is so enormous that it can undermine even the order of the highest body of judiciary in our country. Not only has it undermined the essence of democracy in every aspect, what it has done is shown how weak our democracy is.
 Adopting secrecy for the fear of riots and such diverse views on a topic of national interest, puts a very big question mark on the credibility political representatives of this country.  We need to be more prudent and stop mimicking our neighbours to resolve our issues. Nevertheless, we should be happy that justice has been finally done, by what means is now a question and will remain so for years to come. If thought insightfully in this matter, a lot many loopholes are exposed and they will be the talking point of discussions in the future. It will be interesting to see what comes out of this recipe.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Now before I start writing this post, I want to thank MTNL people for fixing up my internet issues 7 days late but atleast they did finally when I had to literally beg to that customer care fella who thot I was desperate enough to loot a bank that time!

Now, recently I again found my love for the HINDU rejuvenated when I heard all praise for it from fellow earthians. R wrote about it lovingly( R is a person and I can't take her name) and so did many other eminent personalities. But it's the abhishek singhal's test that will validate its authenticity(muahaha).
I had once bought it for myself a few years back when I was in 10th.It was horrendous to see a black and white newspaper but I drudged along. I irked myself to the highest level to read all of it and I even did but eventually I found it completely alienated?? or disinteresting(yeah). So I switched back to colourful HT and TOI.
Now almost 3 years later i am moved to read it once again. And i did. I got up at 6 am, waited patiently for the newspaper guy and told him to bring me a copy of hindu. Finally 3 days later he remembered to deliver it(of course not the old copy) and I have it in my hand- The hindu. It turns out they also filled colours in their life and finally some sense prevailed. I had never seen a dull and monotonous newspaper like this.The paper quality was poor and being more expensive it is unjustified. There were no advertisements, no faaltu khabre only actual news.
 It took me complete 2 hours to go through what it had when most of the time with HT it takes me about half an hour or so. There has been this peculiar thing popping up like a prick everytime- South Indian influence was clear and so were the news. More concerning the whole country rather than just delhi . It was good actually, to read a formal national daily. And i have to say this in bold letters-
         The Hindu is actually an intellectual property. Amidst all the cynicism among the journalism, The Hindu rises and shimmers with confidence and optimism much needed for the society nowadays. 
I felt like I have actually read something after a very long time. I had to read every line 2-3 times to fully understand what it said, so you can make out how well versed it was. Seriously it had some mind-boggling english articles and it has lived upto its reputation and hype.Finally I can say I have found something exclusively for me.  Just this time i wish it stays with me longer.

P.S- You can find this newspaper too much detailed and too elaborated. But I think that's what newspapers are for ,right?

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Kya Kar Rahe Ho Beta?

I know this is valentine's day and I should be talking about love and stuff but love is definitely not in the air this season(shorry shooorryyy lovers). I might be exaggerating a bit but believe me I have no qualms over valentine's day this year. There are more important things going around here..:o

Getting to my point straight, I have dropped an year and admitting to it in front of people-I-don't-know can be quite tormenting. And it is. I just go crazzzyy when people ask me"Or beta.. Aaj kal kya kar rahe ho?"..
"Kuch nhi" is always my answer. And they go like, KUCH NAHI??????
That's where mum or dad come to my rescue- "jee hmara ladka medical ki teyari kar rha hai" says my relatives even before my dad cud pssbly speak a word.. And the next person gives his good-for-nothing free ki advice and goes on...
I keep standing there, thinking I did not say a word(okay i did but nt literally!) and the other person meri bezzaati (yes that's right zaati) karke chalta bana.. I ask myself -"what did i do?" And all i can do is sometimes laugh inside myself so loud that the other people see me getting fatter!

Seriously, dudes here have some kind of problem where they can't be concerned about their own lives. There are literally too high standards in this society and there is no shortage of morons who make you feel like a complete loser! Sometimes I feel like beheading these people from my lives but I think it is helplessness and vulnerability that instigates such punitive reactions. Moreover, there are low points in your life and there will be higher too. You just need to hang in there for as long as you can until the bad phase passes away
( that's what I want to believe)

And with time I have stopped meeting new people cos I fear being asked the same question again but now suddenly I realise(or have been made realised) that it is my life and if i don't have the guts to change it, I should accept to live with it. Then atleast I'll be able to savour my life better.
Actually,I have come to an understanding that I should live life upto my expectations, not by others. I really don't care what Mr. XYZ thinks about me, but i do care what I thnk about myself. And if all in world someone's opinion really matters then it's your parents.
(wo parents wali baat kuch zyada ho gayi, par chhodo ab erase nhi karta...afterall mere parents ki anniversary hai aaj kch gift to milna hi chahiye unhe ,ehh;)

Now to all those people who are plagued by this disease, I just want to give one good advice that might not change the situation but should help you feel better about yourself-

so just listen to others but do what your heart says.

(I have this disease and it would really help me living with it to know that i am not alone with it...hehee:D)
So good luck guys, live life to the fullest and savour every moment of it whether good or bad..!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Roadies- horrible and popular

Roadies is an Indian reality  show as we all know. Raghu ram and Rajiv both bald (and funny when wear sunglasses) together co-created this show about 10-11 yrs back. Since then it has been a huge hit in the market and that gives me all the more reason to watch it.
And so I did. Here's what happened-
" It's roadies time." I said to myself as I sat in front of my lovingly old television. The show started with a theme song . It was all too shabby, I wondered to myself. Finally the too loud song got over and I thought I could finally see some real action. But what I get to see is people going mad over roadies auditions. They were mostly luchchas, lafangas kind of people all gathered at one place. ( I should not be so hard on them!) Anyways as I continued to watch further, I find out there is first a group discussion round in which the loudest fella is chosen for the next personal Interview round. The P.I involves people being questioned over their thoughts and their sanity! I had known about job-interviews, Dramatics interviews and all that kind of stuff but an interview over nothing was entirely new for me. After it became unbearable, I wondered if I should see previous episodes on the net and I did( I regret doing this). I found out that people have been given tasks which involve playing a game and the winner goes to play on to the next level.And this show is liked by millions .Seriously, I need to brush up my general knowledge. It was all too abusive and violent to be tolerated for more than half an hour. But I did tolerate it for 2 hours straight. And now my head spins on top of all that. 'sigh'.  I was on the verge of turning it off when my mother and sister  came looking for me as I had been quite gone for about 2hrs straight. I could see my mother frowning at my complacence( I had to study!) but still worse fate awaited me. She overheard the abusive talks on the show. I nearly choked to death at that moment. The only reaction she could give was to walk away like nothing happened. I don't know whether I should be worried on that or too happy :0

So the crux of all the matter is roadies is not a show I would want to waste my precious time on. So don't watch it. You have better options hopefully. And if you get into parent trouble like that do give me heads up to deal with these awkward situations...!

Till then,
Keep smiling and enjoy the valentine's day ahead !

My First Post

Hi everybody. Today i step into the shoes of being a blogger. As adventurous as it sounds, it is more like a break for life for me. Let me formally introduce myself to you- I am Abhishek Singhal, 19 yrs old, from New Delhi. I passed my 12th an year ago but couldn't get admission to a medical college(sucks,right?) So, here I am one year later, preparing again to get through this time.

Now this blog and I would really have to stress it is a result of obsession with a much virtual notion of a perfect life in my mind. I just have so much to write but right now I am getting blank. So, for now let us stop our conversation here itself, otherwise it shall become an unbearable torture for even myself.