Friday, 28 March 2014

A society well educated?

All thanks to the new diseases I keep encountering each and everyday, I encountered something quite horrendous, if I may say so. My Parotid gland swelled up, which is a salivary gland right across the cheek before the ear. It happens due to mumps or some other infection but in my case, I ate a sour flavour of Nachos, felt a twinge across my face, which all of you must have experienced from time to time and next thing I know, my face looks like half a pear. It was quite unexpected and inexplicable. For me as well, though being a student of dentistry, I do study about salivary glands but this was only one of its kind. But being such an intelligent specimen of such a disastrous species that I am , I did not panic at all :P And I came to home instantly in Delhi :P So not panicky :P

                Now, I am not here to make a big issue of my illness or anything, but I am here to speculate about a stark; I don’t know what to call it, the state of Delhi and its people. The state of Delhi, has deteriorated so much over the past years, there is no doubt over it. I am not talking about the beauty of Delhi, or on the developmental lines but I am talking here about the soul of Delhi which has been marred and is being marred everday by the people who reside in Delhi.
I am not much of a metro traveler, or even a public transport user, because first of all, I don’t bloody like it and secondly, I don’t require it. But when you suddenly have to step out of your comfort zone, which  I kind of had to today, it really left me aghast too see as to what has become of us these days. I am walking down the street and I see all kind of maniacs here. The civil maniacs. There is a bunch of young boys maybe in class 6th or so, speeding on their scooties. One of them was louder than the group and much of a show off. So in his high which he might be getting, he attempted a wheelie and unfortunately, he ended up hitting an elderly woman. Now these are the times when you really don’t know what to do. You can’t scold the boy. He was already petrified at his accident and you can’t even let it go. With all the crowd gathered around him, he was bloody terrified. And people yelling and shouting at his inane behaviour, there was more a sense of desperation in these people rather than any concern for that old lady. And this is not the first time such things have happened. So many road rage incidents and brawls on trivial issues, what has become of us these days? I was watching the movie 'fight club’ the other day and found quite an amusing scene where each of the member of fight club has been given a task of indulging into a fight with total stranger. And guess what, it showed people actually do not dare to fight. That was about 15 years ago. So people did have some civility 15 years ago. But where has all of that gone? People nowadays are just waiting for a fight to happen. They are looking for an excuse to fight rather than avoid it. Even in your workplace, it’s a common phenomenon that people rake up really small issues and hold a grudge against you. A small difference of opinion between you and someone else’s nowadays means you’re intrinsically an asshole and do not deserve a place to live in this world. Respecting someone’s opinion and not not contesting someone’s opinion are two very different things and people have lost this fundamental sense completely.

    Talking about Delhi specifically, the people here are, mostly, immigrants and all the Delhites want to force this change on them. But I really want to speculate here. Whether they are the real issue here for all the destruction of our values? Is it all due to them? Or we all are missing something bigger here? I mean with delhi being a mega city, there are people here belonging to most vivid cultures. Here you can find a Dhoti clad Tau on a chaar poyi, a turban clad sardar in a Jaguar but who still bows before Bangla Sahib, a bright, colourful saaree clad woman who smokes hookah, or even just another Bihari going naked in the street to finish off his daily ritual of offering water to the Sun. Delhi has everything. Now when people relocate, they bring their cultures to that place. It seems fair to attribute the loss of Delhi’s original culture due to this intermingling. But is that one hundred percent right? I don’t think so. Because everywhere, this thing is happening. Maybe at a slower pace in some other areas but this is just not indigenous Delhi, it’s a global phenomenon. The examples come to light every now and then. Countries are strong armed.  But why is such a thing happening?Are people these days are sitting at the end of volcanoes? Because just one stimulus and they erupts like anything. Is this the kind of environment we really want to live in? There are self crowned idealists, some of them hold debates on national TV, some roam around wearing Nehru caps, and some go to such an extent that they start comparing themselves to Gandhi. But that is not what this article is about. This article is sololely and specifically about why is there so much anguish among the common man? Why is he not satisfied with his life and why is he letting his sense shadowed under the cloud of his ego? The world needs peace more than ever. We have all kinds of weapons of mass destruction and we have seen people losing the respect for human lives. To hell with mass destruction, I say angry potheads with a 5 ton car are potential threat to our security in general. I am actually pained to see our values, our humility being diminished. We have all been forced to believe that we are here to do something big. We are forced to look at the things in an impractical fashion. And that’s why I find a person’s own desperation, guilt, remorse, failed dreams and an impaired sense of judgement coming into force during an argument. It seems they are on a vendetta to link everything with their own cause. They fight to run away from pain. And the worst of all is, these people see humility as a sign of weakness and so do dumb spectators who are too scared to voice their own opinions. Why? Because they think it might not sound cool or maybe it will make them the target. But I am sick of people giving such excuses at why they did not react in the right fashion. For god’s sake stop blaming other people for your cowardness. And these people are contagious. It’s necessary you stay away from them and shun them out with a full pounding force and wake up from their sleep so that they realise that they are wrong. Doing nothing is just as good as doing wrong. I am disappointed how the slightest of the values of human nature have perished altogether by our uncouth, loutish egos that have simply got out of our hands to deal with.  I am not here to be the yardstick of being the superior model of calmness and sense or moral judgement. But this, sir, lack of humility and your boiling attitude, will not be tolerated. Confrontations don’t happen. We make it happen. We hunt for blood. Everywhere. But where does it end finally? The outbursts, the frenzy, the exhaustion, the powerlessness ultimately leaves you crippled. I feel terrified, not humiliated, not shameful but terrified to be associated with such society with such hypocrisy. Terrified. Because when you are dealing with angry men, it's better to stay away. But for how long are we going to tolerate this kind of absurdity of being the recipient of your own insecurities? I have been an ardent supporter of this word "humility", because your act of humility can brave you through any situation. With your pride and dignity intact. But it is even more important that the bloody motherfucking common man understands this word, its gesture, its meaning and its motive. Politeness, humility look poised when they are understood well. But in today's society, I barely find a place where it is not misunderstood. Misunderstood as ego or pride or to some more clever people as some cheap trick to be seen as pretentious and idealistic. We really need to pause for a second to see where we're heading to. We are losing our ideals to something that is more bigoted than cheap.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Ship Of Theseus

The Ship Of Theseus or better known as Theseus's Paradox is a simple yet most intricate philosophies from the time immemorial. It just poses a simple question- "Whether an object whose all parts have been replaced remains fundamentally the same object?" I got acquainted about this anomaly somewhere three years back and I am yet to arrive at a suitable answer to explain my position.
 We all are surrounded by this anomaly, in fact. Take for example, an old car, your Dad is quite attached to. Many of its parts have been replaced, it's even painted new. It's still working. But does it remain the fundamentally the same object your dad bought? I, like many of you, at first believed it was. After all it's been with us for so long. But is that the only parameter? What if the engine has been replaced altogether? Well, lets forget about inanimate objects. Let's move on to a person. Suppose, someone has replaced his organs, as we quite commonly see in transplant cases. Does he remain the same person after that? Yes, of course, he does! He has the same mind. But fundamentally? Would he be able to show exuberance like he used to? Forget even that! Would a person be the same after he is broken? By circumstance or maybe even a failed relationship?
 We all change with time. Change is inescapable. Even languid in some cases and you might discard with all your superciliousness but like time, it is eternal. Now, Be it inanimate objects or the animate ones, nothing is beyond this foible. So, even our opinions, our motives, our thinking! all change. Do we remain fundamentally the same person as we started out to be? I would stick to a firm no. We don't even remain the half of what we had started out as. There is so much change in a person just in a mere duration of an year, I am nonplussed how we attribute him to as being the same person.
 Our love for the things might remain the same. So can our opinions. But it's imperative to observe that things do not remain the same. I am not going into much deeper philosophy to state something about souls of these things, just a superficial scrutiny to one of my most favourite anomalies of all time. And I am sure a few years later I will have an entirely different view to this philosophy. But wouldn't we all? 

Friday, 14 March 2014

Top 10 Reasons Why I Hated To Lose Weight

Losing weight has been a long lust for me and finally, I did lose some of it but it's still far from my desired target. But noticeable differences are there and I am not liking this change. I hate change. Therefore, shamelessly, I put out the list of reasons why I liked myself better when I was 'FAT' :

1) This one's pretty obvious. I hate to lose weight because in the process I would have to forego of my love of McDonald's, Domino's, Wimpy's, Berco's, MOD, Dunkin' donuts' and the list goes on and on. Because I am that kind of person who chooses food before sex. Although, I wonder if I might be right here. Girl? Or Bread? HUh! Like Joey (From Friends) I want a girl on my bread! :D
(kuch seekho nalayako, jaha pe zaroorat na bhi ho, waha pe dialogue kaise chepe jaate hain !)

2) Being fat, I never had to bother to speak. Just keep your mouth filled with stuff all the time and no one would dare to interrupt your foreplay at a party! And also, when you're losing an audience which I kinda feel imminent on my blog, you can always attribute it to the large fatty cheeks that hinder your speech !

3) And talking about parties, it had been so profitable to take me to the buffets or the parties. I really extracted all the value of money.. yes!

4) And dancing like nuts on marriage celebration. I am not happy that my brother or sister will be getting laid from now onwards and I will be left out! So, being fat, I could always find an excuse of not dancing hysterically on these goddamn weddings!
(Yeah! Even I miss that too.. )

5) Going away from the scenario of public gatherings, I figured that my fatness was also a good excuse for me to convince my parents to fly me on business class or even get me those swanky gold class lounge tickets at movie theatres. But genuinely, who can fit on those economy seats?

6) And I used to come with a whole lot of package. I could use my tummy to drive a car around. Unfortunately, I have lost this superpower now :(

7) And I did come with the perfect package. When I used to meet a girl, I was like " Hey bitch! Look my boobs! They are bigger than yours!" And they really felt complexed. I have seen it on their faces..

8) And I fucking had 3 pack abs man! One family pack and two on the torso ! :P
9) Also, when I think, fat was my layer of protection, no? If somebody was to stab me, which I am    sure by the number of enemies I have made are already planning to, fat would provide me with      extra protection! It's tragic that my cover's been lost :(

10) Finally, I would've never fallen into the pot. You know what I mean? Like your fat butt cheeks are hanging out of the toilet seat and the water jet doesn't even reach your tushie.. Yeah something like that. Another horrible thing to find out that, you can actually fall into the pot where you did potty :P

Yours sincerely,

20kgs reduced IHY

By the way, is it just me or do you people also find it utterly bizarre that we all are the products of horniness of two human beings? O_o