Saturday, 21 December 2013

The Culinary Fad

Staying alone is the best thing that has ever happened to me. All because for my love of cooking. It is such a wonderful experience to see your hobby growing and having been put to good use. I thought I was a wonderful cook. But doing everything right from the beginning isn't so intereseting. It's actually quite tiresome. The cutting part especially. It's tacky too ! But when the whole food comes to life, it's all worth the effort.

I never realised Indian cooking would be such a challenge. Actually, you have to keep a perfect balance between all the spices and an amateur like me just rolled out some of the world's biggest disasters. Hell, I thought roasting, baking would be challenge! But it's seriously not. I would have been so happy to bake out a cake in Delhi, actually boasted about it incessantly but seriously, Daal-subji is no less than baking, mind you.

I don't know what's wrong with Lumia's camera while clicking pictures at shorter distances, but believe me these dishes looked much better than they do here.

Kadhai chicken 
Moong Dal

Onion Paranthas
Bread Rolls (one that broke)
Perfect bread rolls

Aloo Gobhi !

Paneer and dal paranthas! 

Being Bhopali

My Bhopal stay is turning out better than expected. I mean literally!

'Bhopal', a deadly bomb which blasted around three months back, shook me to my roots. It really tested my patience a couple of times and maybe, still is, but boy oh! boy! isn't it so good here?
Actually, the first time I came here, it was utter madness. Much like the foreigners experience when they first visit India. I get out of the train station and I am literally surrounded by hoards of dirty, black, smelly auto wallas ready to slice each other for me! How cool is that? Had they been girls, I would have felt so much better! :D A bumpy ride towards my hostel made me realise in how poor shape I have been in! Back breaking joy rides on bhopal roads had already rolled out the red carpets for my welcome! And the plush, silky smoke coming out of the century old vehicles over here was the icing of my cake! No place like BHOPAL!

The hostel was even better than expected! What 5-star suites? Hell no! I didn't expect them! I expected just some tin shack with a bed and a common toilet for all the hostelers! Contrary to my expectations, I was given a room big enough for two people and an attached toilet-bathroom! I mean a bed, a table and a chair! And attached toilet! I was overjoyed!  *Happy tears* *Pauses to wipe them off* What else does a man need to live, right? And boy! I had already sacrificed material pleasures before hand, remember? So,I think it's apt to declare here , DO Not think that I love Jaguar or Maserati ! I am way above all the material pleasures of this world !  And I met so awesome people here! I am just speechless! What can I say? Just this much that I am seriously a ' Tuch praani' in front of them!

Okay, enough of the satire. I am actually enjoying my stay in bhopal ! Seems like I am on a vacation and that too in London! The thing is I had realised I am not cut out for the hostel life, and therefore, just moved out of that shithole about one and a half months back. And since then, my life has been "uber cool" !! I live all alone in a rented house or maybe a mansion..whatever you want to call it :| So I put all my skills to good use. Especially the cooking ones! I make my own food and just every other basic thing you have to! It's so much fun. Bhopal is neither too cold nor too hot, so it is a good place for biking and when you're hitting the gym on regular basis, you just want to be seen on bikes! :P ANother news is that I am on a weightloss spree, shredded about 15kgs so far. But the bad thing is now I am out of clothes of my size. My pants just keep on falling down :/ And no I can't buy new clothes! I already bought these ones 3 months back and now they're so oversized. :/ :/

Apart from this, I think people from Delhi are even not that intelligent. I used the phrase AG, who is from Delhi, "moving out" and she was all over the place trying to control her laughter! :/  I really don't like people who don't get sarcasm! And also the ones, for whom, an english serial means FRIENDS -_-

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Back to Life

Feels good to be back on blog. :)
My life has been on a roller coaster ride from the past 2-3 months with many highs and back-breaking lows. Unfortunately, you all will just get to hear about my high points ;)
By the way, I wonder who am I writing this post for? Or the bigger question that keeps on hanging in my mind is about the subtitle of my blog. Here's a short yet epic conversation about my blog between AG and me, whilst I was trying to impress her with my blogging skills :-

ME: See, I have this blog. (Feeling quite anxious to see her reaction)

AG: Blog? What's that? You're boring !

Me: Stop complaining and just read ! (I force her to go through a funny post at once)

AG: You seriously did that? (referring to me hitting my friend for ogling)

Me: Umm.. maybe that's why I have written it !

AG: Well, great then (And she resides back into her whatsapp world)

*Me still not satisfied with her reaction, forces her to scroll through my blog once more and this time I am just stunned to imagine the plight of my readers because she did have a point *

AG: It's good... your blog.

Me: Just good?

AG: Well, you do need a hobby or something.

Me: a hobby???...(before I could complete)

AG: But why does your heading says "The blog about nothing"?

Me: Because it is a blog about "nothing"

AG: Then why am I reading it?

Me: Because it's on blogger...(still wondering over that last part! lolzz!)

AG : Errr.. !

I really feel so bad that all of you had to go through so much! :D
I still can't stop laughing over that incident!
On one side I am being awarded by my dearest blogger friend (Sunakshi) and on another such an epic description of my blog is taking place ! :D
But not to worry folks! Sunakshi has agreed to write a guest post for my blog and I am optimistic that one day, I would definitely receive that post from her !
Till then, let me just work on the "Thank you for the award " post.( mentioning again the award being bestowed on me by the @Adamantwitch. )
Finally there will be two sensible posts on my blog- one from my Pooja Di, who has somehow gone into complete blog hibernation just like me but once again, I say I am an optimist and she must have been working on some ' ultra dhaasu' post amidst the Beaverton Hailstorms :D
And the second from my dearest friend Sunakshi to whom I have given the most important task of keeping Delhi safe while I am away. I am positive that the queen of Ghaziabad would be doing a wonderful job! :D

With Love,