Thursday, 29 August 2013

Just another post.. :D

Hi everyone!  My college might be starting in the first week of September, but believe me the wait seems like eternity. From the past 3 years, I didn't have enough time to raise one eyebrow and look at poor moi today...having all the time in the world to waste...sigh! From the past two months, I have been literally doing nothing. Nothing. Period.
*people discern the relevance* ..... *deep deep sighs*

So, with all the time in the world to waste, I do anything but intellectual tasks. So, no mindful blog posts, no films (because I don't like to get involved) and certainly no video games! I thought I would've fared much better in sports but again something wrong happens everytime when I just start building a rhythm. I had made a routine to go to the park in the morning and cycling in the evening...but..but...but! someone doesn't want me to do all this! So, I have been down with fever, diarrhea due to IBS and what not! That means, I cant even eat solid food properly! Sigh!
And insomnia, well, it's on the peak! But don't worry, I am taking handful of medications for all these stuff. In the morning I have to pop in 5 tablets each- red one, white ones and yellow one! (So near to rainbow!)  In the afternoon and evening, 3 are doing just fine. poor me no? :(  Even I can't believe i am growing so old..  :D
So because my woes never seem to fade away (so much for COL!) a family meeting was called.. (another deep sigh). Now, the main agenda of these family meetings is to give a platform to everyone to give their opinions on a topic.. But the agenda today was to dissect my every bad habit and engrave each one on my forehead literally! >:
So, as expected I got an earful of lectures about my health, about I eating out too much and I being irresponsible ! :P (Don't weep for me! I am alright now! :D)
Now, the fun part in all that trouble you can imagine, was poor moi getting n number of calls from different people at the same time! (What a coincidence!)
Actually, it was quite funny overall...
my father- you do not listen to us at all !
(my phone rings)
me- I will call you later!
person- Why the hell have you not sent me those pictures yet?? (sounding angrier than even my father) :O
me- I am pre-booked right now.. you can scold me later! ;D

And I start laughing... my father sees his helplessness and decides it was enough for the day!:P

And I got a new phone? Did I tell you that? Oh! of course I didnt! :D
Nokia lumia 520! Since then, I am busy updating fb statuses, twitter updates and what's app messages! And poor friends of mine have to bear all my excitement! (I am not sighing for you :P)

So that was all for today.. I am going to end with some pictures I clicked when I used to go on cycling (weep :( weep :( true, they are not of good quality but it's all you can manage with 2 MP.

See the rainbow?

Why do people like roses only? Huh!

You don't have to see the cyclist,
see the weather!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Let me say it for you

AJ calls me up at 1 a.m and apparently he is on conference with SP too. I oblivious of the fact, answer call curtly.

Me: What the fuck dude? It's 1 a.m!

AJ: I am in a serious situation man..need your help.

Me: I am listening..

AJ : I had ordered food from Ricos.. they have billed me wrong!

Me: What the hell ! Why call me then???

AJ: Cos' you know them well.. you can have better leverage on them than me..

Me: You fucking ******! **********! It's 1 in the morning you big oaf!

AJ and SP coherently: Fucked you!

And the phone hung up. I nodded my head realising I was the victim of their far fetched prank..

*After somedays*

I give a conference call to SP and AJ at around midnight.

Me: So you both coming with me, na?

SP: Where?

AJ: Huh?

Me: Come on dude! Don't tell me you forgot! RJ's birthday?? Ring any bells?

AJ: I thought it was the next month...

SP: Oh shit! He's right.. it's 23rd today! Shit!

AJ: Shit too!

Me: You both are gr8 fuckers! Anyways, I am going to her house, any last correspondence??

AJ: What shall we do? She'd kill us ! Say Something SP!

SP: (Seriously) Hmmm... tell her we are busy arranging a special gift for her...

AJ: Yes, tell her we will drop it by her tomorrow morning!

Me: You are playing with fire here, people! RIP!

*I hang up the phone*

At about 11 a.m in the morning...

AJ and SP call me up (another conference)

SP: You're dead!

AJ: We satyed up all night! You *****!*********************!

SP: You did a pretty ridiculous job setting us up like this..! So much for that..

AJ: Wait a minute... it was all for that....? !!!

SP: Obviously AJ! He fu..

Me: Let me say it for you- I fucked you too !!

AJ and SP coherently: Goddamn ya' ugly bastard!

P.S- Apparently, my dear friends had gone over to the Oberoi's at 1 am to orderd truffles, dark chocolates and brownie cake, spending a little over 3 grand ! I knew they would go the distance for RJ!

P.P.S- She got an extra b'day party a month before because of me.. And as far as AJ and SP were concerned, I managed to make them happy once again by giving their entry fees at the 'Ice lounge'

P.P.P.S- All of this happened on the same day!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

It's always gr8 to talk 2 u !

Day before Rakhi i.e yesterday, SP and I were chilling at his house

Me: I have a cousin sister and she has a real brother.

SP: Okss..but why are we suddenly talking about your family?

Me: tomorrow's I was doing some maths and I found out it's a no profit and no loss statement. That's where the problem lies.

SP: Even I was having a bit of a problem...

Me: I always give my cousin sister Rs 1100 every year on rakhi and so does my cousin brother to my real sister.

SP: Actually, the thing is I find AJ's sister quite hot...

Me: So, what my mother gives to them, my bua returns it all..

SP: You think AJ would be good enough to set up a date for us?

Me: Basically, what goes around comes back around..

SP: But AJ is nuts, I should call her myself..

Me: This year it's going to be different. I am going to give my cousin sister Rs. 2100 !

SP: Let me just find her number (starts glancing his contacts lists)

Me: Or maybe Rs. 501 shall do. From where would I arrange the extra cash ? :|

SP : Got it bro! I should go to AJ's house on the pretence of rakhi !

Me: Oh! Damn it! It's so hard...! Or maybe I can give her an extra gift in addition to cash... !

SP: Oh! shit! AJ's mom knows my mom..what if they find out... > | <

Me: But which gift??? Ahhhh! Let my mom handle it! D:<

SP: I'll be doomed if anyone found out...!  Ahhh! Screw her sister! I'll find another girl! She ain't worth the risk... You always give me the right advice bro! Love you man!

Me: Love you too man! Always great to talk to you too! :)

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Ogling with the badass!

Me and my friend AJ were roaming at Janpath market and this time an epic fail happened.

Me: (poking AJ) Hey man, look at that.. (pointing to a girl)

AJ: Wow dude! Beauty!

AJ continues looking at her while walking and I start regretting my decision to share with him what I had seen ;)

Me: Stop it man! You look cheap!

AJ: Yeah.. whatever!

He doesn't stop looking. The look turns to stare and stare eventually turns to ogle. I couldn't take it anymore. So, I punched AJ hard in his ribs!

AJ: Dude! WTF! What's wrong with you?

Me: What's wrong with you man? Do you know what you were doing? Cheapo!

AJ:  But dude, you only poked me...

Me: Of course I did! It's a reflex action! You see a girl, you poke- hey man look at that! You take a look and turn away! You don't keep staring for 5 minutes!!!

AJ: I needed a good look man! And how would I know for how long I've been looking at her?

Me: Ahh! (I punch him on his back this time! )

Me: You bloody *********************!!!!

AJ: We've got a potty mouth among ourselves ladies and gentleman!

Me: Ahhh!!!!

(After sometime, we moved far away from the crowd and left the girl behind)

AJ: Dude! I think I am in love !

Me: No kidding! with who?

AJ: That girl! I think I should go back and tell her this!

This was it! I hold him from his shoulders and start shaking him violently!

Me: You fucking *******************!*************************!*!**************!!!

AJ: Whoa dude! Stop it! No need to become a potty mouth here again! I will suppress my feelings if you say so..

Me: AHhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 9 August 2013

Life: Under Construction!

Disclaimer: This is a guest post from my favorite blogger Pooja di (Thoughtless Ramifications).

The Post :

When “Mr. I Heard You” aka “Abhishek Singhal” aka “Chhotu” asked me to write a guest post for his blog, I readily agreed. I had to, I had no choice. Even if I paid someone and asked them to post my article on their blogs, I am sure they would have turned me down with a smirk and this guy here was jumping into the well readily, without me having to push him into it. :D With a huge smile on my face, I did say a yes, but, I now faced a bigger problem. What do I write about? I had a lot of options namely – a book review, a self-help post, my signature styled thoughtless posts, and other rants about my newly married status, but, I didn’t want to write anything on any of these. I wanted to write something about quarter life crisis, but I decided to call it “Life: Under Construction.”

I know many of us face issues while choosing the right course, the right career and the right partner. They seem to be the most important aspects of our lives and they seem to be the most difficult of choices to make.  I have faced all these issues myself. Now, when I look back at them, I smile to myself thinking of the ruckus I created when I had to make those choices I did.  Let me share with you my experiences.

After 12th boards, I wanted to choose Arts. I wanted to get into either journalism or advertising. But, my parents thought I was a very good student and I should take up Engineering. I loathed Engineering. Now, me being a good student had nothing to do with the course I had to choose, right? But, well, my parents and I did some bargaining and I ended up doing my graduation and subsequently postgraduation in Biochemistry, and let me tell you I love the subject, second to none. End result: I am happy with the course I chose. It might not have been my first choice, but, it wasn’t my last choice either.  Sometimes it is better to choose a middle ground. A bargain that keeps you and everyone around happy is something that is worth the bargain.

Coming to career, I had got selected in a very reputed company through campus recruitment and what did I do? I joined the company and left it after 3 months, because I didn’t love the job. It was being a little mean to my well-being and I chose to quit. My parents weren’t happy once again, but, I had to put my foot down. I sat at home for 5 months without a job. It is not that I wasn’t getting any other offers. I was getting many, but, nothing made me happy. I, then joined an organization many of them had asked me not to join. But, I did and let me tell you I loved working there. I miss it so much nowadays after having moved to US.  Had I listened to others and not joined this company, I probably would have joined some other company, but, I must say that this experience, I, probably, wouldn’t have got anywhere else. Sometimes, there is no bargain - you don’t like the choices others give you and they think that your choice is going to be a big mistake. But, if you believe in your choice, go for it, even if it turns out to be a mistake, it is going to be “YOUR OWN MISTAKE” and you will have no one to blame. Trust me, blaming yourself is much better than regretting living on a choice others made for you.

Coming to marriage, well, I took my chances I must say. After seeing a few proposals, I said ‘yes’ to a guy very soon. You must be thinking that maybe he was everything I wanted in my life-partner. No, infact, he was totally opposite of what I wanted in my guy. I wanted a guy who was a nerd, loved books and looked like a totally responsible son-in-law. But, err, my husband, on the first meeting, was anything but that. He was this guy with a tattoo and ear studs and to me, didn’t look like he would love books. Infact, he doesn’t. But, I still said a ‘yes’ thinking he would anyway say a ‘no’. Instead, he said a yes and now am married to him for 8 months and he is a gem of a guy. What made me say a ‘yes’ to him? The realization that every person or everything need not be the way they appear to be. There is always a layer of truth we ought to see with our, err, I don’t know what to call it, say, intuitional or emotional sense. Sometimes, you need to listen very carefully to your own self to know what you really want. There is always a conflict between our emotional and practical senses. Choose the right one at the right time. How will you know which is right? Well, your own intuition will guide you. Might not happen in every situation, but, it does happen when you most need it.

I am no antaryaami nor am I a person who has dealt with major problems in life. But, to each person, his/her own problem is of a greater magnitude.  Also, at a stage where we are building a persona of our own, even minute problems appear to disturb us to a great extent. Don’t be afraid. Don’t give up on your dreams. Don’t lose yourself.  Just remember, you are responsible for your own life. Make your own mistakes. Blaming anyone for the choice they made for you will not help you nor them.  Remember, it is your own life and no self-help books nor any motivational talks like these will help you. You have to be your own guide because you know yourself the best. Lead a happy life and don’t worry. Building and rebuilding is a process we will have to keep doing throughout our lives, because it is, after all, a “Life: Under Construction”

P.S- Thanks a ton for such a lovely post pooja di. It's a masterpiece, I can bet on that !