Tuesday, 1 December 2015


I wrote to nestle on maggi issue and well, I am atleast glad that they responded because in India nobody responds to email.
But I am not sure I am fully satisfied with their answer. Their answer is so twisted in words that I am not even sure I fully understand it.
Here’s the full conversation-

I have been following the events of the maggi fiasco and one thing i couldn't overlook was the fact that nestle had burnt packets of recalled maggi. It was in the headlines for quite some time. You reportedly spent around 30cr to burn maggi packets. That was just what i had read. Since this is a just general query and not any formal protest or something of that sort, I am not attaching any newspaper clipping with the email to back up my claim.
Nevertheless, i am inclined to know why did you burn those packets indeed if you claimed them to be safe?
Hope to you hear from you soon. 

Reply from Nestle -

Dear Consumer,

Thank you for your email/query.

We would like to inform that we were asked by the regulator to recall the product and we have stopped selling it. In fact, before the order was issued, Nestlé India had announced it had stopped selling MAGGI Noodles. This is because concerns about the product led to confusion for the consumer to such an extent that Nestlé India felt it was necessary to take the product out of the market while we engage closely with the regulators and others to discuss the situation.

We have always maintained that MAGGI Noodles are safe based on more than 3500 tests conducted by Nestlé India. Moreover, Food Standards Authorities of USA, Canada, UK, Australia, & New Zealand and Singapore have also declared MAGGI safe for consumption. 

Now, 100% samples of MAGGI Noodles have cleared additional tests for lead, done by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) accredited labs in India, as ordered by the Hon'ble High Court of Bombay.  

 Test reports from the NABL accredited laboratories (https://www.maggi.in/result.aspx ) 
 Testing done by Nestlé India (https://www.nestle.in/aboutus/ask-nestle/answers/maggi-noodles-india-test-results ) 
 Read more about tests conducted by other countries. (https://www.nestle.in/aboutus/ask-nestle/answers/maggi-noodles-india-export)  

 We are committed to the safety of MAGGI Noodles and assure you that MAGGI Noodles have always been safe and will continue to be so. 

We thank you for taking out time to write to us and we shall definitely plan to include factory tours as part of our resurrection plan  

 Looking forward to your continued support. 

 With Warm Regards, 

 Chitra Ahuja  
 NESTLÉ Consumer Services


And to those wondering to whom else I emailed, it was Hindustan times who I don’t think open their emails at all. And McDonald’s who in my opinion should be flogged all the way back to America!

Here’s my email complaint to McDonald’s India-

I want to bring to your kind attention the poorest of the poor quality of your products being served in your restaurants. 
I bought McVeggie burgers today, which by the way are supposed to be your premium burgers but i was left aghast with what i had been served. Stale bun with oily patty and moreover the stale vegetables used inside the burger, i mean seriously who are you serving this for? And it's not the first time such thing is happening. The quality of Almost everything in your outlets has degraded substantially. 
I think it's high time for you to reevaluate yourself and focus on the customer base you want to attract. But the meal served t today was absolutely un-eatable. 
I have attached some pictures for your reference. And i am not complaining for today's incident only. This decline has been your trend from past several years. .
I hope McDonald's again reinstate their reputation by performing regular quality checks on every outlet.
Not heard from them till yet. It's been around 2-3 months. 

Seriously, what junk are they serving to Indians? And what kind of people are we Indians are accepting and enjoying such junk? Maggi is flying off the shelves and McDonald’s chain is growing faster than ever. I think we are a bit too attached to everything. Especially the bad stuff. Maggi is back. So is Lalu. Just can’t believe that a convict in fodder scam is an elected representative. Hail Indians! 

The true face of 'intolerance' debate

Amir khan, the brand ambassador for Incredible India, an avid social worker and a wise human being recently showed the true face of ‘intolerance’ debate going on and on and on, thanks to the sensational journalism by NDTV mostly.  The statement made by Mr. Khan emphasised specifically that intolerance has increased in last 6-7 months (time when BJP rose to power). And so has censorship.

          It is painful and rather awful that such a wise person would make so immature statement just out of his political views. This whole ‘intolerance’ debate is a political one. I personally want to hit these journalists hard on their head because they mooch out just a statement, not the justification. The journalists should ask “How is India intolerant?” or "did Amir khan faced any trouble personally in last 6-7 months?" Such politically motivated statements are highly indecorous.  

          What happened to India being “INTOLERANT” when M F Hussain left this country during UPA rule? Or when Shiv Sena shut down Mumbai for one whole day and jailed those who protested online? Wasn’t that intolerant? I am flabbergasted to see people igniting this intolerance debate only just now.

          The truth of the matter is, ever since the rise of BJP, first and foremost, many people had to close their shops who were thriving in congress rule. Plus, congress is being increasingly successful in projecting BJP not as pro-hindu but as anti-muslim. So, this whole ‘intolerance’ saga is more about tarnishing the image of BJP especially, PM Modi rather than any meaningful thought or discussion.

          People are entitled to their opinions. We have been gifted with a nice brain as well. Time we use it to distinguish between what is right and what is fabricated. Hear everything but don’t believe everything.