Wednesday, 13 September 2017

In The Mind Of An Intellectual

This word Intellectual used to mean something to me. A person to look upto. Like Dr. Adrian in the movie 2012. A visionary who could see what anybody else couldn't. A rationalist who can connect the dots when no one else can. Someone who doesn't run with the horde, doesn't follow blindly or best of them all, someone who learns from the mistakes of the others I think is the most intelligent fellow among us.

But sadly, in these days an intellectual person is not someone who posses all these qualities, he's the one labelled as such by his peers. So, you might be an ass for all we know but you're counted among intellectuals because people have labelled you as such. One such example that we all see these days is the labelling of average, hippie journalists and bunch of naysayers as intellectuals. One such so called intellectual was murdered last week - Gauri Shankar. And how her death has fanned an opposition fire over the safety of 'intellectuals' is mind boggling. Right wing has been labelled as murderer even without an investigation. And who has called them murderers? Yes you guessed it right, the Intellectuals! Just imagine the irony!

I am a little baffled by how all these intellectuals in today's times are leftists or those who support left ideology. I make a mistake. These people don't even know what left means. They are just opposing the BJP, so they just use the antonym. So, it's baffling to see how all the intellectuals in times of today are BJP antagonists. They are not people mind you, the indian media has labelled them as think tanks, Intellectuals, free thinkers. So much for free thinking when you're harbouring such venom for right much for the intellect when you level baseless allegations against your own government without even giving it a second thought. It's a real travesty of democratic freedom that such bigots are given air time on national tv.

By the way do you think someone who has a good command over english language an intellectual? I have come across some really nasty people who have a superiority complex just because in all their life their whole achievement was to read some novels and write a few articles in english. It feels good to have a decent command of the language, a beautifully crafted speech that sways the public, like Mark Antony in Julius Caesar. So, do you think it's necessary to use big, bold words and flowery language to make an impact? I honestly feel that when you have actually something worthwhile to say you don't require the help of unusual words. Use of unconventional language may make it difficult for people to understand what you're saying and of course it is open to interpretation. But who will tell these intellectuals this thing. They take pride when commoners like us aren't able to understand what they're saying.

This bunch of intellectuals is self proclaimed. They do not amount to anything in their life but feel they are above the average people. Most of them are arts students. I wonder what they have done to warrant such attitude in their life. It must be a defense mechanism to make up for the arts course they are in. Like people with shallow confidence try to make up for it by behaving in an angry fashion like jats. Whatever this is, these people are going to be future barkha dutts and gauri shankars and sagarika ghoshs of India and it pains me to see that their only skill which is to read and give opinions in english language is just going to be used in petty politics to bicker at one another. They could also write diaper advertisements in mom blogs if they're ever out of work.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

My overly attached girlfriend

My posts have been declining recently na? Well, I have a good reason for it, I have a girlfriend now *cool goggle smiley* 
So I am getting LAID pretty often and life is bright and shiny \o/
Yes haters gonna hate, let them hahaha



MY LIFE IS HELL. Long distance relationship it is. So forget about getting laid. The only sex we both have is oral. I pick up the phone and say fuck you, she says fuck you too  back to me *sigh*
So, we end up on talking on phone for more than 2 hours a day and it leaves me no time to get depressed and get my creative juices flowing :-( 

Well, I want to write a full post about how my girlfriend is, but I have found a video on youtube that sums it up for me pretty well.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Carving their way into DU now as well

The recent events at Ramjas college pertaining to Umar Khalid can be best described as unfortunate. But is that the reality or has the truth been moulded and dissevered again by India’s highly intellectual journalists who are the sole flagbearers of torch of democracy ? Has the whole truth come out or has the truth been misconstrued again to serve a group of people?

Dissent is the very soul of democracy. Protest in democracy is not unheard of. It is this freedom to protest that makes us unique. So why is ABVP’s protest being termed as ‘murder of democracy’? Is that because it turned violent? Like it’s the first time when a protest has turned violent, right? Media intellects have maintained freedom of expression has been violated. I agree. Freedom of expression is violated when you air ‘anti-national views’ on your channels for days altogether and do not give a fair chance for the right people to voice their concerns. Imagine the plight of that poor soul whose heart is in the right place but he is called names and brandished as ‘bhakt’ for being the only one supporting the truth. Even after shouting, screaming and even exposing these antinationals in our country, your voice remains unheard. Lies triumph over truth, opinions prevail over reason, logic and reason is butchered in the name of freedom that is when democracy gets murdered. When being right doesn’t matter, that is when freedom of expression is violated. It’s not just about stopping a single person from giving speech or denying him entry, it’s about the disappointment, the frustration and dismay in our society’s acumen who make hero of people like Khalid. It’s the very idea of people like him roaming free, people who use pens instead of bombs that threaten to divide the very unity of this country, that hangs my head in shame when I see them being projected as the embodiment of freedom of speech. Give them platform to pollute young minds ? Give them freedom to spread poison among the unscrupulous and innocent university students who just think this is a fight for right of free speech?  So what did you expect? Sane people should just have their hands clasped together and warm their chairs? No sir, they protest. They protest to wake up people to this unprecedented evil. They protest to awaken people to open their eyes to reason and logic. They protest to expose the lies, the greed and lust.

And one day people will see the truth. They will see clearly that they have become part of such an uncanny tyranny that uses them as foot soldiers at their pleasure. People will see that they’ve been tricked into believing that it’s a fight for their right when in reality it’s a fight for someone else’s malicious agendas. It’s not just about freedom of speech anymore. It’s a revolution, against the media hounds, the anti-nationals , the intellectual bombs living amongst us, who have created a mockery of our reason and judgement  by disguising their anti national views under the garb of freedom of speech. They’ve been quick at capitalising at our mistakes and our busy-ness. We are resilient by force, not by choice. This recent incidence denotes exactly that . The frustration and helplessness of true Indians who can’t see the voice of reason being trampled everyday by such scrupulous minds. They have had it far too easy for far too long.