Monday, 25 May 2015

Disheartened by our society

Being 2015, we should have had almost been into the most advanced age. The James bond movies had predicted some serious high end technological advancements. What we have right now is a stupid, big, chunky phone that complicated our daily lives so much that apart from talking on it, we do every other thing a phone is not supposed to do. We should have had countered apocalypse, met aliens, had robots as servants and what not! We were supposed to redefine freedom.

But what we have is not short of hell breaking lose. People have gone from smart to being nuts! How did you think Kejriwal won then? Are Delhiites short of money? I know some of my friends spending close to a thousand bucks on getting a simple haircut. Still their parents want free water, free electricity? Sounds a bit a hypocritical to me. If you talk about the poor residing here, talk to a poor 20 year old. He wants everything but working towards earning it? Oh hell no, everybody wants to make a quick buck! Unruly statements from politicians, judges passing bizarre statements (that gay act), censor board creating a hypocritical environment, i just feel we are drifting back to stone age rather than progressing to a healthier future. We have got big fat ass religious conservationists who mind you are no use to religious sects whatsoever but create a ruckus when anyone tries to voice their opinions that might be against their preachings. Then sex! We are just going all bonkers on that matter. I fail to understand why people are afraid of human body and its nature. Actress sunny Leone is not able to lend a flat in Mumbai all because she had been in porn industry! Wow, you can shelter a terrorist but you find it ridiculous to rent a woman who has bared it on the camera! I find it totally ridiculous that Modi's politically campaign was backed heavily by the fact that he is a single man! That means the US president and The British prime minister are just ludicrous people who aren't able to function properly because they have a family at home, isn't that so?

The activities of stupid bajrang dal, even moral policing reaching its most bizarre levels , i really hope this is just a phase that we're passing by. Because frankly I don't any child to be raised among such freaks and later become the part of such freak show!