Sunday, 8 June 2014

The outburst

A reward for everytime we do hardwork makes me wonder the quintessential difference between humans and dogs. The quotidian drudgery , can it really be acknowledged by a mere reward? The poultice is too small to minimise the acrid suffering we have to endure daily. Nevertheless, a trophy a day keeps the naysayers at bay! South Indians have thrived on this principle. And north Indians, well, they are catching up fast. A recent visit to a friend’s house triggered the bad flashbacks and one or two sleepless nights. Well, I can’t blame it entirely on her, my mom had also come to visit me…. :P 

The trophies. The dreaded pre-competitive anxiety and the post competition jealousy! I haven’t been a competitive person at all from the beginning and liked to do things at my pace. So maybe that’s the reason I wasn’t selected in relay teams at all ! But in other competitions like extempore and essays, I would have been the favourite contender. Teachers would put their money on me and if I lost they looked as scornfully at me as the jealous single person looks at a couple kissing under the shade of a tree! But fortunately I did win some competitions. So, it was enough to get me a happy meal as my reward at home but the reward at school? It never satiated me. Even winning comes with side effects. I have had most horrible tales after winning. This one time, in a fancy dress competition I grabbed the first prize only to be told that I’d make a great post man (I had become a post man! ) . Of course, the headmistress corrected her statement. Besides, who in 2nd class would understand most of her English jargon? I was busy fiddling with my artificial specs that I was looking so cute while wearing ! Then this another time, I think in 6th I understood that cash prizes are more revered than lunch boxes, the hard way. This was a gruesome incident, I don’t want to make you people cry ! :P So, I better not divulge the details! ;) Again in 7th winning the first prize drove me into the sullen state that reeked of my misfortune. It was an extempore completion, the first prize were a trophy and some English educative CDs that were a fad back in those days. The 2nd was a set of Enid blyton novels and the third was that huge oxford dictionary with illustrations! I desperately wanted that 3rd prize but I came 1st! What could be more horrific? I don’t need a golden cup that I will have to keep cleaning for the rest of my life! So I decided, I would exchange my reward with the third runner up. He was more than happy to take a trophy home. I laughed at his knavery in my mind ! As I innocently told my mother about this achievement of mine, that I made such an awesome deal, she placed both her hands on her heads and MAYBE cursed herself at bringing out such a thing from her ! (Well, her sullen face made me wonder this. I hope I am right..but anyway :P)  The trophies were never my favourite. Why would I need a golden cup ? I can’t even drink my bournvita from that! And what would a 10 year old do with a cash prize? It would ultimately go to my mom daah! So unless you are to reward her for being a good mom, I think I would be more than happy to accept your dictionaries and books! Those eraser pens would have done too :P

I longed for a day that these competitions would be over  but they never do. Even now, I see not-so-innocuous competition among the inconsequential people on facebook to get a good picture of themselves in an insipid restaurant. Or a competition to stay above the rest in college and so on. I think the insolent monkeys are better at competing than we humans  -_- So that’s why I don’t like to be reminded that I was a monkey once, when my mother brought with her a trophy from class 8th I won for having a full attendance! She thought I could use some inspiration from that and start going to college more regularly! Her newfangled and wicked schemes to motivate me add to my misery. Now ,that trophy stares at me from the shelf box, reminding a great hunter past his prime, who he once was and what will never return to him! Her parsimonious acts have really made an impression this time.  And I just retire to my bedroom with only one thought in my mind- “I will get back at you mom! “ :P