Sunday, 20 September 2015


Hello world!
I am just writing this to tell you that i am still alive, in case you have forgotten and considering the number of emails dropped by actual people , i think i am going to invite over just the guys at google alerts at whatever moronic thing that needs to be celebrated.
And you wouldn't want to know what my alerts are for :P
So i think i have well established the fact that i am still alive, let me get to the second part which is what have i been doing all this time? NOTHING I tell you! I keep my loudmouth shut during most of the time of the day, so much that my girlfriend almost used to pull her hair to mooch one word out of my mouth, logical or illogical that's for her to judge. And emphasis is on the past tense!
To spice things up in my life, i decided to use more red chilli in my food, believe me that didn't go well either!
I also tried to read some books, but getting a boner on practically every second page made me realised this is not an actual book.

So what i do nowadays is spend as much time as possible in my serene place, you call 'bed' and sleep my way off through most of the problems, though i doubt there are any !

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  1. So... what are your alerts for? Just being curious on a Sunday morn.