Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The true face of 'intolerance' debate

Amir khan, the brand ambassador for Incredible India, an avid social worker and a wise human being recently showed the true face of ‘intolerance’ debate going on and on and on, thanks to the sensational journalism by NDTV mostly.  The statement made by Mr. Khan emphasised specifically that intolerance has increased in last 6-7 months (time when BJP rose to power). And so has censorship.

          It is painful and rather awful that such a wise person would make so immature statement just out of his political views. This whole ‘intolerance’ debate is a political one. I personally want to hit these journalists hard on their head because they mooch out just a statement, not the justification. The journalists should ask “How is India intolerant?” or "did Amir khan faced any trouble personally in last 6-7 months?" Such politically motivated statements are highly indecorous.  

          What happened to India being “INTOLERANT” when M F Hussain left this country during UPA rule? Or when Shiv Sena shut down Mumbai for one whole day and jailed those who protested online? Wasn’t that intolerant? I am flabbergasted to see people igniting this intolerance debate only just now.

          The truth of the matter is, ever since the rise of BJP, first and foremost, many people had to close their shops who were thriving in congress rule. Plus, congress is being increasingly successful in projecting BJP not as pro-hindu but as anti-muslim. So, this whole ‘intolerance’ saga is more about tarnishing the image of BJP especially, PM Modi rather than any meaningful thought or discussion.

          People are entitled to their opinions. We have been gifted with a nice brain as well. Time we use it to distinguish between what is right and what is fabricated. Hear everything but don’t believe everything. 

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