Friday, 1 November 2013

:/ :| :) :D

Disclaimer: this comeback post is too damn idiotic to be read. I strongly advise you against reading it.

First of all Happy Diwali in advance to all of you.. kya pata kal ho na ho.. (okay it was pathetic!)

Now, back home after such a long time feels too good. If I could just record the reactions of my parents while going and coming back home.. sigh... it's such a moment :) Although we are not a very peaceful family mind you! We have lots of quarrels and nagging going on 24x7, I still find my family to be the perfect one. No unnecessary drama (although my mother can be too emotional sometimes) but all the more it's all has been quite normal. But it has changed ever since I went away from the home. Now, I think moi can also classify myself as a high draamebaaz! :P
I had millions of emotions trying burst out of me when I saw my parents after so many days. Actually, the thought of meeting them was much more scintillating than meeting them as such. And when I saw them (it was probably midnight) I could just say-'I am going to sleep!'
Such is my Drama! But their drama seems no bounds.. hugguing me like I have come from a war or something and asking me all sorts of unnecessary questions.. it all irritates sometimes but frankly I miss this irritation in hostel !

My life in college is turning out to be real pain in the ass! No friends, no girlfriends (sigh!) and no good company! I mean seriously? Not even a single person is that good. Although, I have made some super-awesome friends among my seniors! No, literally! Not that awesome, okay but still better than my batchmates I would say.  Some seniors are really good. Some are okay-okay. Some are even pathetic. Dealing with each and every one of them has really given me nerves of steel.

But what's missing is a proper friendship or companionship. I don't how it happened but my image has taken a drastic toll in my batch :o I am the good, decent student of my class!  Seriously! What is going on here??? Me and decent ? *tongue sticking out, eyes shut and lightning outside* :D
I thought why not go with this image? No? What's the harm in being decent? right?
No! I was wrong! People take you for granted. Back bitch about you constantly and do everything to hurt you  >: ( That decent image slowly loses its luster, you are termed as boring or sometimes even idiotic *sigh*
So congratulations to me I am back to school !
Never thought 20 yr olds could be this obnoxious!
They are seriously dickheads out there! Bhopali ! Soorma bhopali !
I have so many friends here in DU, and my god! Look at them! Hanging out with the best crowd, have had a complete makeover and what not! The only good thing with me is I am just studying a better course! Heck! *angry explicits*
(calm down abhishek, calm down! )

And what's with the social media these days?? Fb pe itni photos and on whatsapp too? What are you trying to prove damn it? I am jealous of you, okay? khush? *another round of angry explicits*

*goes to the fridge, eats some cake*

Now I feel better :D

I am also quite obsessed with girls these days. An obsession like never before. Maybe because I have made a complete foll of myself in front of her and now I require an image makeover. It's tough I tell you. She is in demand always, I tell you. Delhi friends as well as soorma bhopalis.. all keep her quite distracted from me :P I already feel like rajesh koothrappali :P :P !
It is so funny! How life takes unexpected turns? I am not angry. Neither sad. I am enjoying all this.
Sometimes I pause to recall what all has happened to me, in third person talk to myself. It really helps in tensed situations. Gives you a hearty laugh and a great solution! :D

P.S- I showed some of my posts to THE GIRL. I am now thinking of either shutting down my blog or awarding each and everyone of you, who reads my blog with millions of chocolates!


  1. Omg!It looks like I'm going through a part of my life..the same thing happened to me, I had to join a khadoos college in my Engineering only coz I was getting a better course there. At first I was the calm, decent student it went like that for an year to my disbelief but then once you find out who to hang out and who's your type.. then your real inside is out have can't hide yourself for long.

    Enjoy your student life, its the best! trust me.

    1. So,in the end,life turns out to be an apple pie?:P
      I know it's only in our heads how we perceive things.
      seeing, you I think life's too fair n not a bitch as I had been experiencing previously :P:P:D:D

  2. Hahaha and the life has just begun. :D Lot more to see. :)

    Hope you get a good girl friend soon or with your image you may get bhai zoned otoo.Ok enough said..LOL All the best, Happy Diwali! :D

  3. Sometimes I think there is no use being a parent. We children just eat them bit by bit, emotion by emotion. I don't want the same for myself.

    1. Before I forget, Happy Diwali!

    2. No use of being a parent?? Arre nahi, mujhe paa kar to I m sure mere parents to dhanya ho gaye hain ^_*

  4. Oh I feel you :( I feel the lack of a good friendship...I mean, I do still have my best friends in mind, but they go to different places, and yeah *sigh*

    1. I comply with your emotions :) but believe me, friendship's just too overrated!

  5. Hope you had a good Diwali and nice time at home.

    And maine bola tha DO NOT TELL ANYONE ABOUT YOUR BLOG, nahi suni...abhi bhugatna :-P

    Haha, on a serious note i am sure THAT GIRL is worth it, now i am eagarly waiting to read more about THAT GIRL ! ;-P

    1. So good to see you after such a long time:)
      and my blog is still unknown ;) after she insulted my blog i thought there is no point in arguing with that girl. She's not reading types you know:P
      and that girl, well, seems to be a mystery for me too :D
      I will definitely write about us..errr...her in my next post!

  6. haha..
    I feel you.. We are sailing the same boat :P

    how was your diwali anyway ?

  7. Seeing you and your blogs shows me a,stark irony sometimes;) but never mind my random thought i , it is going to be a topic of another blog post:P
    my diwali went fine, thank you :) and i hope yours went fine too:)
    And if you are indeed sailing on the same boat as me, then i strongly advise you to abandon that boat immediately. Swim if you have to but leave that boat!!!
    A desperate advice from a new soorma bhopali to an old one ;D:D:D