Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Back to Life

Feels good to be back on blog. :)
My life has been on a roller coaster ride from the past 2-3 months with many highs and back-breaking lows. Unfortunately, you all will just get to hear about my high points ;)
By the way, I wonder who am I writing this post for? Or the bigger question that keeps on hanging in my mind is about the subtitle of my blog. Here's a short yet epic conversation about my blog between AG and me, whilst I was trying to impress her with my blogging skills :-

ME: See, I have this blog. (Feeling quite anxious to see her reaction)

AG: Blog? What's that? You're boring !

Me: Stop complaining and just read ! (I force her to go through a funny post at once)

AG: You seriously did that? (referring to me hitting my friend for ogling)

Me: Umm.. maybe that's why I have written it !

AG: Well, great then (And she resides back into her whatsapp world)

*Me still not satisfied with her reaction, forces her to scroll through my blog once more and this time I am just stunned to imagine the plight of my readers because she did have a point *

AG: It's good... your blog.

Me: Just good?

AG: Well, you do need a hobby or something.

Me: a hobby???...(before I could complete)

AG: But why does your heading says "The blog about nothing"?

Me: Because it is a blog about "nothing"

AG: Then why am I reading it?

Me: Because it's on blogger...(still wondering over that last part! lolzz!)

AG : Errr.. !

I really feel so bad that all of you had to go through so much! :D
I still can't stop laughing over that incident!
On one side I am being awarded by my dearest blogger friend (Sunakshi) and on another such an epic description of my blog is taking place ! :D
But not to worry folks! Sunakshi has agreed to write a guest post for my blog and I am optimistic that one day, I would definitely receive that post from her !
Till then, let me just work on the "Thank you for the award " post.( mentioning again the award being bestowed on me by the @Adamantwitch. )
Finally there will be two sensible posts on my blog- one from my Pooja Di, who has somehow gone into complete blog hibernation just like me but once again, I say I am an optimist and she must have been working on some ' ultra dhaasu' post amidst the Beaverton Hailstorms :D
And the second from my dearest friend Sunakshi to whom I have given the most important task of keeping Delhi safe while I am away. I am positive that the queen of Ghaziabad would be doing a wonderful job! :D

With Love,


  1. Lol welcome back! (I'm finally back as well)

    Oh come on your blog description is awesome! Why make your blog about "something" when it could be about "nothing"..

    1. So good to see you :) on blogger specifically ;)
      well, i have been missing out from the blogging world but i think the break was a good detour!
      And is it really that good? Wow! Kaash! Kaash! Baaki logo me bhi itni samajh hoti :D:D
      Nevertheless thank you so much for welcoming me back! I now know that someone definitely likes my blog! :)

  2. Well, Welcome back.

    Are the semester exams over? Wait, are they at this time or some other time?
    You got another blogger liking your blog. Kudos. :D
    Kaash! Kaash! Mere blog par be logo kar itna pyaar hota jitna tumhare blog par hai! Kaash! :P

    1. See you also liked my blog na? :P
      Well, i maybe exaggerating a bit here but it really feels so good to be back on blogger. Like i am home once again *ab to rona aa gaya:D*
      and i love your blog.. I hope #sec377 wouldn't apply to such statement :P
      My semesters, are ironically are going to be held in 15 days from now :P

  3. Welcome back. Keep writing. :-)

  4. IHY, it is good to see you back on the blog.

    As far as AG, or any other non-blogger is concerned, they either get it or they don't.

    I thought doctor-y things had years and not semesters.

    1. Yeah, it's annual system in medical. Maybe i only told you that. We call these mid-exams as sessionals. Since most of the people are not aware of this fact, i thought 'semester' would do.
      AG and other non bloggers..well, what can i say about them? :P
      Good to see you back too :)

  5. The blog about nothing is a good title. People say "nothing is impossible". I disagree. It is possible. I have been doing nothing for the past several years..

  6. Hello SG! You sound way too optimistic about my title! :P
    it's so good to hear such things about a space i had just started for fun :)
    this might be your first time on my blog. I hope you would like my previous posts too!
    Was any pun intended in the last line of your comment? :P
    Great to have you here! :)

  7. Yes, exactly! Writing a meaningful post about candies and crushes. :p Good to see you back and ahem! I need updates. :p