Tuesday, 23 February 2016

India is not going crazy

Much has been already said about the recent events which have, I think, really affected all of us on some level be it positively or negatively and much more is yet to come. And amidst this chaos I find cynicism, vengeance, vendetta, hypocrisy disguised as plain stupidity of self styled moral keepers of the society. Everybody is telling everybody else how to live, how to act . That is what happens when you let moral policing get out of hand. Congress advocating its views on RSS and BJP further copyright-ing its stand on Nationalism. But it's nothing new. aevrybody likes to preach. Things get out of hand when people who like to preach form large groups. It's a fashion these days to hold protests and hold the city to ransom. And these protests may seem chaotic but actually it's more of 'organised chaos'

Let me give you a brief recap  - 
1)The Nirbhaya march 
2) The Anna Hazare movement
3) Modi Wave
4) Intolerance
5) Nationalism
6) Jat reservation

These are a few from the long list which garnered nation wide attention. And all these were inappropriately handled by the former UPA government and current NDA government alike. 

The action of students at JNU campus were act of children. Children I insist and they should have been dealt like that. Make them sit down, hear what they have to say, why do they feel victimised. And once you've understood their psyche, it will take a few kind words only to let them feel loved again and soon they will love their country again. .  Just a few kind words. Not lathis, batons, or arrests. Let them know that they are being heard and it will work wonders.They, if you look at it closely, represent their families, societies they are part of. So most of them might be reiterating what goes on in their homes. So imagine the impact of opening even one of these students to truth - He will influence his family/society in long run.
Words have more power than bullets. Despite being a nation of so many elders, I find it surprising why no one has done it yet. Accusations, blames, name-calling is going on and will go on forever but if political parties really wanted a solution then somebody from either side should have sounded the bugle of sensibility. Intelligence,and more importantly the 'intelligent', I tell you aren't lost in the cacophony. 

As far as issue of reservation is concerned, the government has set a very bad precedence- Just hold the whole state hostage and the government will listen to you. Well, no points for originality on that idea because everytime, a candle march is needed to make the government hear you. A very dangerous cocktail this is- Deaf government and defiant citizens. 

But at the end of the day, when all the voices have died down, all the abuses that flew from all the corners of the country have been paused for the next day and you feel cynical about the people of this country, know this that it's a moment of defining and deliniating the path of this nation. We are at a learning curve and these incidents will go a long way in defining what India will become in next 50 or 60 years. And the best part is- it can become anything but there will always be a guarantee that you will find debates, dissent and democracy in our country.
Not bad for a country that hallmarks the 'Unity in diversity' slogan. 


  1. You talk sense bro :)
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