Saturday, 10 September 2016

Some facts

-Humans are the only animals who depend on other humans for food

-Facts shown in news don't matter.

-These days it's rare to find facts on news.

-We've been led to believe the more we have, the better we are.

-Humans are the animals that have the most impact on their surrounding environment

-We consider ourselves intelligent but truth be told, we are not much different from other animals. We continue to grow at the expense of our environment and other species.

-Natural selection doesn't work amongst humans anymore.

-All humans aren't gifted with same mind.

-Stressed spelled backwards is dessert


  1. "Stressed spelled backwards is dessert"

    So when you feel stressed, help yourself to an icecream and watch your stress melt away :-D

  2. I used to write in bullet points..when i wanted to vent it out and share stuff at the same time anddd when you are away from blogger for too long that'd what happens. You end up writing in bullet points. Haha.

    This comment is for your blog which I cannot find here but it's on my feed..'Inspiration...'?!