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Avengers : Infinity war is a disaster

I have just been back from the show of Avengers Infinity war and I have some scathing words for this movie. WARNING : SPOILERS AHEAD

I like to consider myself a moderate marvel fan. Because inconsistency in marvel universe quite evident with movies like thor: the dark world, guardians of galaxy biting the dust for good. But things took a serious turn for me after Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther. Absolutely fantastic movies that were the silver linings of 2017 and 2018 respectively. Infinity war was supposed to move the golden run forward but it just came crashing down on my expectations.
There are a multitude of things wrong with this movie but the biggest thing that was wrong with this movie was THANOS. Yes, the villain. He was the main weak link in the movie. Thanos is an underrated and under depicted character in this movie. A big blue hulk wearing a golden glove is what is served as the tormentor of Tony Stark since the events of New York. His voice is menacing but his features are soft. His serrated chin reminds me of WWE wrestlers who ultimately come out to be the good guys. But is he supposed to be a good guy? He has been pounded with all sorts of adjectives ranging from "devour-er of the worlds to madman". But we get a scene too where we see tears in his eyes. Are we supposed to feel his pain? And generate a misdirected affection for him. I don't think the directors were wanting to go there but unfortunately, they did. His dialogues do not complement his gigantic stature and his menacing voice. He feels rather timid for such a terrifying character. 

Thanos is fighting each and every avenger in this movie in one scene or the other. He beats the hulk, kills loki like bottle gourd and petrifies Thor. And so do his children. Who dwell on enormous power and have excellent training in krav maga. They try to build up a narrative for thanos but are interrupted by ill-timed one liners from the ensemble cast. They don't get beaten up by a concoction of dr. strange, Iron man, spider man and bruce banner. If they could one Thanos' child Ebony Maw could have his own super villain movie dedicated to him for he makes cars fly at the flick of his finger. Such a marvellous villain dying from just being sucked into outer space. 

corvus glaive
Coming to the outer space, although Ebony Maw froze to death in outer space, thor manages to survive cold and heat alike. A bit weird, no?? Well, everything going on with thor is weird. In Ragnarok it is evident that he learns how powerful he is and he doesn't need his hammer. As evident by the epic dialogue " Are you the God of hammer"? But in Avengers, his love for hammer is back and he feels rather timid facing enemies without his weapon. The new weapon he forges, gives him some additional power somehow. Like it's a sale season going on. Shop with you mastercard and avail 15% more discount. It's a mess. The directors forgot the basic essence of each and every character in this movie. 

Black panther is undermined by his protective detail "Okoye". Such a fantastic character and a brilliant actor "chadwick boseman" is under utilised in this movie. Captain America gets a shield in shape of a leaf. He looks sexy in beard, fit for action but lack of his trademark shield is evident. You keep waiting for more of him throughout the movie. Actually you keep wanting more of every character in this movie but it never happens. The movie never evolves to something bigger. Just a cat fight between thugs and mall cops. You wish to see tony stark with his swanky gadgets and new technology but what do you get instead? A nanotechnoogy based suit. That somehow lasts for an eternity. Vision with the voive of Jarvis who showed some brilliant moves in age of ultron, limps throughout this movie. He doesn't even get a heroic death he deserved. Black widow, Col rhodes, flying man sam wilson, wanda, bucky all appear as a bunch of extras. No significant screen time or role. Peter Quill played by Chris Pratt is immature and irritating. His jokes are repetitive and maddening. Chris Pratt never feels comfortable in the skin of his character. 

It's not as if the movie doesn't have its moments. It does. And great ones too. Like when Thor descends back to Earth to fight off Thanos' army when everyone else is being beaten pulp. He makes a magnificent entry. The whole crowd erupted in cheer as Thor plummeted the army with his new axe. 20 seconds later, it gets cut off and we again hear the same monotonous Thanos. Or his uninspiring and frankly boring fight with iron man and dr. strange. The fight looks so unreal that you just start yawning. Iron man survives when he is hit by a MOON. Yeah , you read it right a MOON! Like really?? The guy couldn't even lift sokovia himself in age of ultron. Fights seem more like mindless violence. Thanos army more like mutant lizards from a video game. 3D effects are dismal. Story line sucks. It doesn't even make any sense. We had Dr, Selvig who created a reactor with tesseract at its core to open up another dimension in the first avengers movie. But here dimensions get opened up at the drop of a hat. No scientific explanation, no logic. Felt like a bollywood masala movie.

Overall it was a big step down from the standards of a marvel movie. As a cinematic experience and as a story too. The movie lacked depth and characters were used more as props rather than beings. You never bond with any of the character. You never feel for them. Never connect with them. The Russo brothers directed both the captain america : The Winter Soldier And The Civil War, which are my least favourite marvel movies. Their confusion, lack of depth of characters, lack of emotions and cluttered direction has destroyed what could have been the greatest marvel movie ever. 

P.S- There is no HULK in the movie. Poster makes a fool out of you. Bruce Banner gets Erectile Dysfunction And Can't Get it Up. Bruce banner is unable to turn into Hulk.

What works for the movie?
A script for tomfoolery in the second avengers movie. 

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