Saturday, 21 December 2013

Being Bhopali

My Bhopal stay is turning out better than expected. I mean literally!

'Bhopal', a deadly bomb which blasted around three months back, shook me to my roots. It really tested my patience a couple of times and maybe, still is, but boy oh! boy! isn't it so good here?
Actually, the first time I came here, it was utter madness. Much like the foreigners experience when they first visit India. I get out of the train station and I am literally surrounded by hoards of dirty, black, smelly auto wallas ready to slice each other for me! How cool is that? Had they been girls, I would have felt so much better! :D A bumpy ride towards my hostel made me realise in how poor shape I have been in! Back breaking joy rides on bhopal roads had already rolled out the red carpets for my welcome! And the plush, silky smoke coming out of the century old vehicles over here was the icing of my cake! No place like BHOPAL!

The hostel was even better than expected! What 5-star suites? Hell no! I didn't expect them! I expected just some tin shack with a bed and a common toilet for all the hostelers! Contrary to my expectations, I was given a room big enough for two people and an attached toilet-bathroom! I mean a bed, a table and a chair! And attached toilet! I was overjoyed!  *Happy tears* *Pauses to wipe them off* What else does a man need to live, right? And boy! I had already sacrificed material pleasures before hand, remember? So,I think it's apt to declare here , DO Not think that I love Jaguar or Maserati ! I am way above all the material pleasures of this world !  And I met so awesome people here! I am just speechless! What can I say? Just this much that I am seriously a ' Tuch praani' in front of them!

Okay, enough of the satire. I am actually enjoying my stay in bhopal ! Seems like I am on a vacation and that too in London! The thing is I had realised I am not cut out for the hostel life, and therefore, just moved out of that shithole about one and a half months back. And since then, my life has been "uber cool" !! I live all alone in a rented house or maybe a mansion..whatever you want to call it :| So I put all my skills to good use. Especially the cooking ones! I make my own food and just every other basic thing you have to! It's so much fun. Bhopal is neither too cold nor too hot, so it is a good place for biking and when you're hitting the gym on regular basis, you just want to be seen on bikes! :P ANother news is that I am on a weightloss spree, shredded about 15kgs so far. But the bad thing is now I am out of clothes of my size. My pants just keep on falling down :/ And no I can't buy new clothes! I already bought these ones 3 months back and now they're so oversized. :/ :/

Apart from this, I think people from Delhi are even not that intelligent. I used the phrase AG, who is from Delhi, "moving out" and she was all over the place trying to control her laughter! :/  I really don't like people who don't get sarcasm! And also the ones, for whom, an english serial means FRIENDS -_-


  1. Your college is in Bhopal ? I didn't know, so asking. You are saying as if you came here a month or so back to Bhopal. So clarifying.

    15 KGS ? You aren't eating anything or what? The irony is that I eat like hell, and all is the junk food, and still I maintain to stay slim. Don't ask the mechanism, I have no idea whatsoever.

    These days English serial is the Game of Thrones. People have updated. And the people who still say FRIENDS are ancient, like stone age.

    Btw Hostel, right? It wasn't my cup of tea either. So, I dodged every chance to escape it whenever my dad brought up that topic. But then again I had no choice. But the best part was that there was only me in a two sharing room for the major part of my engineering. No one stayed more than 2 or 3 months. So, that was cool.

    1. Well, some people aren't as lucky as you are dude. Whatever we eat goes straight down to our family pack :P
      And I had come to Bhopal in August. That's actually 4-5 months back.
      People like YOU have updated ! And of course, like me :D :D
      And once again, some people aren't as lucky as you're. My roommate was always there to bite up my ass :/

  2. It is good that you are enjoying in Bhopal.

    I myself have never watched Friends. I love the Big Bang theory and 2.5 men, and given the chance, I will watch Friends over Game of Thrones, because of course, Game of Thrones is not a comedy.

    1. Game of thrones seems just like porn to me. Nothing useful you get out of it, still you watch it :/ 'Friends' is much better in my opinion. I have not watched all of it but you can't deny that it was an epic show.

  3. Bhopal me Bhokal macha rahe ho guru! :D

    15 kgs ghata liya.. :O yahan bc 15gms kam ni hota :\
    kya karke manega ladke?

    1. Arre kaahe ka bhochal bhai !
      15g Ki baat mat karo bhaijaan.. 1gm bhi kam ho Gaya to tusi to khatm hi ho jayoge! :P

  4. are wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh..humara bhopal is awesome like tht!!!!!!
    haha but I just shifted to cochin :(
    and 15 kilos??? wtf man!! kaise!

    1. Hamara Bhopal! Cookie man wala Bhopal! Haha! It's a good place by all means. Seriously. Stop laughing ! :P
      and mere 15 kilo waise hi kam hue hain kaise apke 30 hue. Mujhe tips dene Ki bajaye mujhse hi maang rahe ho :/
      chalo anyways nice to see you. I hope Cochin is good. And heartiest congratulations for your job there! :)

  5. are wah u are loving humara bhopal!! I just shifted to cochin.
    but seriously 15 kilos??????????????/ :O : O :O
    btw seriously...english serials is not just FRIENDS :D