Saturday, 21 December 2013

The Culinary Fad

Staying alone is the best thing that has ever happened to me. All because for my love of cooking. It is such a wonderful experience to see your hobby growing and having been put to good use. I thought I was a wonderful cook. But doing everything right from the beginning isn't so intereseting. It's actually quite tiresome. The cutting part especially. It's tacky too ! But when the whole food comes to life, it's all worth the effort.

I never realised Indian cooking would be such a challenge. Actually, you have to keep a perfect balance between all the spices and an amateur like me just rolled out some of the world's biggest disasters. Hell, I thought roasting, baking would be challenge! But it's seriously not. I would have been so happy to bake out a cake in Delhi, actually boasted about it incessantly but seriously, Daal-subji is no less than baking, mind you.

I don't know what's wrong with Lumia's camera while clicking pictures at shorter distances, but believe me these dishes looked much better than they do here.

Kadhai chicken 
Moong Dal

Onion Paranthas
Bread Rolls (one that broke)
Perfect bread rolls

Aloo Gobhi !

Paneer and dal paranthas! 


  1. Awesome.
    Roti ( and its descendants) seems to be common in all. But still, great work dude.
    Keep it up.
    May be one day, I might catch you on TV teaching culinary techniques. :P

  2. With a bit of practice, I am sure anyone can cook. It is not that big a deal.

    But watching the pics, I see onion pieces and chutney etc., and it goes on to show that you really love the cooking. Kudos to you!

  3. Yay to cooking. And another yay for your phone being Lumia. :-)

  4. Hey! I own a Lumia too :D :D Nokia Lumia 920 :) :) And I enjoy cooking as well - though making rotis in the round shape is a skill I still need to master :D

  5. Bhai tu padhai karne gaya hai ya khana banane?? :P
    Jaisi teri harkatein hain, ladkiyan bhi sharma jayegi by god... matlab ekdum SARV GUN SAMPANN, GRAH KARYA ME DAKSH ladka ho ra hai :D

    Jokes apart, kamaal ka khana banatey ho *pandey ji* ;)

    Merry X'mas! :)

  6. Being bachelor makes you learn/adapt many things ans cooking is one of them.

    Btw, I hope you are good in making rotis and paranthas because that's the biggest challenge for me till now.

  7. areeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...forget all that subji or the proportion of the spices!!
    I am bowled over by the roundness of thy chappathy!!
    Ur wife shall be lucky!

    1. Your WIFE!!!!
      Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! :-P:-P:-P
      I said the same thing ;-)