Friday, 14 February 2014

This definitely has to make your day

Not more than 2 hours ago, I had exposed my disgust for Valentine's Day quite obnoxiously. But my friends, what happened in the last hour couldn't have made my hatred for this day more profound than ever. 

I had this little crush  back there, about 3 years ago. Let's call her AM. Now, AM and I have been real good friends, not keeping up lately but certainly have light conversations at weekends occasionally. Now she pings me up on this valentine day! And at a time when I know things are not going all fine between her and her boyfriend.

AM : Hey! Are you there?

(And I go like, oh boy! She is onto me man! Why else would she text me on valentine's day? 
 I text AJ.

Me: Man, you're not gonna believe it! AM just messaged me today! Maybe she's going to propose to me! 

AJ: Get out of here man! No way! She won't leave her bheem ! (we call her BF bheem :D) 

Me: Dude, she's having a hard time keeping up with Bheem these days! And you know, I had always been there for her!

AJ : Hats off dude! You're one lucky bastard ! Girls fall right out of the sky for you!

Me: It's nothing like that.. But I would say this, my charm does work sooner or later ! *Boasting*
      Well, I gotta text her back. I don't want to make her desperate!

AJ : You're the man! 

(I revert back to texting AM)

Me: Heyy! Sure always am! What's up?

AM : Nothing new, just the same old stuff.

Me: Having fun with Bheem?? Come on, bring it on! Make me jealous. Where did you go?

AM: Umm.. we kinda are not seeing each other for the time being.

Me: Oh! I am so sorry to hear that ! 

AM: Yeah, me too. But I am past that. 

(Me to myself: Here it comes! I've been waiting for this! ooh! I can't believe this! If she was not into Bheem, I am pretty sure, she would have been onto me!)

AM: So, Do you have AJ's number?

Me: Umm... yeah. Hang on a minute. (AJ's number? strange!)
       There you go. But What's the deal here? 

AM : Oh you know yarr.. I has a crush on him from the beginning, so just...

Me to myself : AJ ! You bloody Son-of-a-#$%@


  1. LOL! *takes a moment to laugh*

    The result of being too sure about it!

    1. LOL!
      My days just keep getting better and better :P :D

  2. So, this definition is what we were talking about.
    The creepy love thing you mentioned is somewhat related to this! :P

  3. Bwahahaha! Don't worry..some girl would have messaged AJ asking for your number, but, you will get to know of it only later in life, over a cup of tea when you guys would be taking your kids out for swimming classes. :D Now, I made your day better, didn't I? :D

    1. Seriously di, I don't think that far.. I guess you've probably figured that out by yourself.. :P
      You definitely did make my day the best ! :D That's what the word "di" is for! :D
      Okay that was oo much!
      and sorry for replying so late.. LAziness. Nothing more!

  4. Is situation pe to ek hi gaana yaad aa rha he "...Dil ki to lag gayi" from movie Nautanki Saala.

  5. Hahaha.. didn't see that coming. So hilarious.