Wednesday, 2 April 2014

High on morning freshness!

Mornings, for some they are the mournings but even they would agree, it's the most beautiful time of the day. The freshness in the air, the dim, optimistic sunlight just rejuvenates you for the rest of the day. The exquisiteness of a city is seen on two occasions- when it's bustling with activity and when it's not. Mornings are the best time to see any city I would say. Being an avid walker myself, it comes naturally to me to get up early and witness the marvelous, breathtaking sunrise each day. Bhopal doesn't have parks in every locality. The culture of parks, I speculate is not developed in smaller cities. Because they had already been so greener and full of grounds, so who would have needed parks anyway. But now, as they are under the spell of urbanisation, the free space is shrinking and so are people's options. For me it was a big case really. I had been used to parks eversince and suddenly I have no place to jog? It was an unwelcoming change. So, I decided to take up gym. But when you run 5 kms on a treadmill, your knees and your lower back do not remain yours anymore. Gym goers would probably understand this ;) And my runs are my way of meditating. But in gym, you have high decibel music, playing havoc in your meditated run. I could no longer bear it. It was doing me more harm than good. So, finally I buckled myself up and the next morning I stepped outside my comfort zone and headed for a run. On roads! It felt like I was training for something because I had been the only one. But then on a Sunday I realised that I wasn't. I was just earlier than the rest. People here do go for morning walks. On roads only. But quite late. Even the elders. I get up at around 4:30 am and by 5 I am already skipping in my shoes! It's jut wonderful at that time. The run on roads has been quite an experience. It has overall been quite an experience. 
      Bhopal starts up quite late incidentally. Delhi is already bustling with elderly people going to parks and temples for morning prayers but here, I am the only living soul that I see. It feels quite amazing actually. Like you're the only person in this world for a few hours and this time is just yours and yours only. Even the runs are refreshing. I try to see as many things possible. I try to be as alert about my surroundings. Because there is something always beautiful almost everywhere. I try to explore much. Sometimes it is worth it, sometimes it isn't. But it is fun everytime. On my way back at around six, I see people finally getting up. Newspaper walas sleepily tying the newspapers, milkman opening his shop and the universal phenomenon- mothers shouting at their children to get up! The experience and an excitement of seeing something new everyday makes my day! And the fun part is to see an embarrassed nightwatchman who had been sleeping on duty, springing up to his senses on seeing someone this early! There can be no meditation better than this. And not even as beautiful as this!  

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