Thursday, 10 April 2014

Things I have learned during exams:-

1) You can do humour in the examination hall too.  Try acting all sneaky in front of the invigilator and he will think you were cheating. I just did the same. He asked me to open my fists and I kept saying there is nothing inside that. Finally after five minutes of ho-halla, I opened my fists which contained nothing and the whole examination hall bursted out in uncontrollable laughter. :D

2) Your most hated person becomes your best friend in the examination hall. He lends you pens, pencils, and also his answer sheet! :P

3) When you can only write for half an hour out of three hours, you get a lot of time for self ana;ysis and ponder over your life..

4) Also, you ponder who's the hottest girl out of the 50 girls sitting across to you.

5) And then there is always a scope for going to the toilets at regular intervals. But this plan does not work in my college. Suffice to say, nobody knows a thing.

6) When you have to suffer for 3 hours continuously, being detained for an hour due to some technical error seems a very excellent choice.

7) There is always a scope for painting the answer sheet with story line of chennai express! Don't give me that look! The teacher had specially said to write something! So that he has a scope for giving passing marks!

8) The "farras and sticky notes on the insides of your shirt do not work when you have essay type questions and need to fill atleast 10-12 pages of your answer sheet. -_-

9) With only 10 questions for 100 marks, you really can't do much as engineering students can. You just sit back and enjoy the fright on the innocent faces of girls who after the exam discuss " Yaar... Us Caverus sinus wale note me uski applied anatomy me carcinoma ke baare me likhna bhul gayi"
I have two questions- What is cavernus sinus? Secondly, ye wala question kaha tha paper me? O_o

10) And after exam you have to console your girlfriend who is weeping uncontrollably because she could not make diagrams for the lack of time. Kya hoga is duniya ka? Yahan.. question attempt karne pe laddu bat  rahe hain aur inko dekho!

P.S- Exams are fun. You get a week off !

P.P.S- For the first time, I used internet on my mobile to something actually useful !


  1. haha.. this is soo true

  2. and the introspection phase is terrible.. after half an hour in the exam hall, I start thinking how there is nothing left in life and become a melodramatic black and white movie ki heroine...there are no boys in class (Girl's clg) so that's a drawback.. a terrible one...
    and the enemies, oh how I love it, showing my answers to everyone and not them, revenge taken..:P
    true indeed, exams are fun.. late night jagratas,last minute mugging ups .. wah wah...(cant think of farras, they give me nightmares, I don't have the heart to copy..:( )
    nice post.. loved it..:)
    Good luck..

    1. Thanks a lot jemina! I am glad you liked it! Means so much! :)

  3. I have had something like point 9 once.

    In some years, the next generation of students, who will all have grown up with computerized tests, will read this post and think about the old times. We will feel nostalgic or however it is spelled.