Monday, 14 April 2014

My first Hangover

Alcohol always aroused curiosity in me. It’s supposed to be a depressant. Then why do people feel elated after drinking it? And furthermore, what’s  so strong about this stuff? I wanted to know. I wanted to know badly. So, I bought a beer for the first time in my life but it turned to be farce! I did not get anywhere near drunk! I realised I needed more alcohol to get to the “drunk” drunk state I had seen people in.Well, mainly Charlie Sheen ;) So the next day I bought a vodka and beer bottle to satiate my curiosity. The first time I drank vodka was neat. And it burnt my insides to the core! It repelled me. So did the beer. But I had to experience. I continued. Mixing small quantities with coke, I kept on drinking the ghastly cocktail until all of it was over. Simultaneously I chugged down on the beer. It took 15 minutes for the effects to kick in. Slight lightheadedness, nothing more. Hell  I could even walk on a rope in that state! So my experiment had failed. I came to the conclusion that people were absolutely bonkers! They acted being drunk! ;) I had not been completely wrong. Oops. I digress. AS had been an integral part of all this madness. She was fascinated by my escapade and called me up in the meanwhile. I was supposed to save some vodka for her. She was to drop by later that night. Now, I had been out of booze. So, I decided to buy me some more. I set out in my car. I had anticipated some drunk madness driving but nothing really happened. I was still driving far better than these novice drivers do. I felt disappointed. So, I was back with 3 more vodkas and 4 more beers. I had more booze to experiment with. Well, it took me an hour to finish all the beer bottles and one of the vodkas. Now that was when the real effects kicked in. I drank some more vodka in shots and after that no one knows what went by.

   I woke up in the morning at around 10, shirtless and on my dining table! But that wasn’t my concern. I felt nauseated and so tired. My stomach felt funny! I gathered myself up and looked around the house. And it was a disaster! I had puked almost everywhere! On my feet, on the armchair. On the floors, on the walls, just about everywhere! The smell in the house was so pungent, I felt puking some more but there was nothing inside of me. I checked for my phone. And god! It was also such a disaster. My balance went down from 500 to just 75 in just one night. I had called some of classmates. Not to mention that they were girls. And I didn’t remember a thing I had talked about! Still don’t. The three girls whom I called still maintain that I did not call them that night! I guess they are probably right. Because their behaviour is now more affectionate towards me. That can’t happen when you talk drunk? I had send RIP messages to almost all my contact list and jibber jabber to AS! I could make out my drunkenness by reading some of that jibber jabber! Apart from all this everything else was pretty normal except for one weird thing. It’s a shameful thing but I’ll write it down anyway. I, till date haven’t found my underwear from that night. I found my T-shirt in the pot but not my underwear and I am positive I had been wearing it that day :P Well, what do you know..alcohol! Gets the best of you ;)

Needless to say that was the highest amount of alcohol I had consumed and I don’t plan on repeating that misadventure anytime soon. 3 vodkas and 4 beers is a real heavy consumption by the standards of even regular drinkers. I am glad I didn’t torch my house down that day. And me, well, I got away with some minor bruises on hands and feet. I found two empty broken beer bottles. Must’ve had cut myself with the glass pieces.

So my dear friends, you can either be a fool to try this experiment of mine with yourself too or be intelligent and avoid alcohol by all means. It’s not a cool thing to drink and it is definitely injurious to health. If you do drink it, do it with someone who remains sober. You never know when your adventure becomes a misadventure ;)


  1. And I am still thinking about how you woke up shirtless on the dining table. What could have happened..? :P you know after reading your previous post I was kind of wondering about your first experience with the miraculous liquid and here it is already..:P Thanks for the disclaimer though..;)
    I am Glad you were atleast at home. There are people (let me try not to say me) who have walked drunk on roads singing(screaming) after their first encounter with the magic bottles of guts. And the phone calls in that state- let me not even get there..:P :P :P
    Cheers..:) :)

    1. I really don't remember anything from that night ;) Even I was shocked, but now I realise I could've woken up outside my house even. I am glad that did not happen :P
      Cheers :D