Thursday, 17 April 2014

What kind of people Indians really are.

Indians are a peculiar race. They are the ones who have unique emotions and even a much more unique way of expressing them. And India is such a diverse country you can find all types of emotions here simultaneously. With variable opinions some of which are so extraordinary that they compel you to think about people all the more and the reason of their very existence on this earth.  Moving on with my ranting, these are some characteristics I found apt for Indians :

1)      Impulsive: Well, like people of any other place or nationality, we also are very emotional and impulsive people. But our emotions always flow over the top. Our actions and reactions to tiny situations are hyped like anything and they can be called unreasonable to some extent. A divorce in the family, wow! That’s something that everyone is interested in. A funeral. Well, you can see everything except civility in funeral. With all he loud crying and going all white, it's just all the more tragic. Some call it ancestral linkage but that's the way we are hard wired. Daily soaps take our emotions to an all new level. Don't be fooled by them. But it's true our emotions and our ways of expressing them are sometimes intimidating and scary.

2)      We, Indians are like herds of goat. We don’t form an opinion. We go with an opinion without applying our minds into it. So, that’s why Arvind Kejriwal rose to fame instantly and that is also why is fell back even more spontaneously. We are repeating the same mistake by putting all our expectations onto one man- Narendra Modi, this time. If we take a look at a different field, then in cinemas too, we can see that there is a phase for a kind of movie. 90s was the time of love stories, then came the decade for comedy, now we’re just watching black, unbathed south indian men with pot bellies being thrown like sandbags by a 50 year old hero with jet black hair. Of course exceptions occur in the midway and that is why we have come this far even. The point remains the same. We get hold of an idea and keep selling it until the validity of that idea is no longer viable.

3)      Indians are also very flexible people. You can question their reasons and most of the time you’ll end up seeing that they have started doubting their own reasons itself. Well, you can say we are influenced very easily. One moment we are with you, the next moment we can be ‘who the hell are you’? And we are very adjusting people. We adapt to every kind of situation whatever it is. Rather than raising questions we like to sit back and preach this world that we should be like water. Adjusting to every situation. Ask them why, we will tell you to become successful. Ask us what after being successful, we would become speechless. We always want some task or a deadline. That’s how we have been born and bred. To live to meet deadlines.

4)      Pretentious, rude, selfish, narcissists, prude, frustrated are the common adjectives. I would like to use something different. Recently I came across the word “impertinent” and this applies to all of us unexceptionally. We like to judge. That’s our sole hobby. And that’s what our aim for the life is. We judge even the Gods surprisingly. Ok, Lord shiva is not listening to us. Maybe Maa Vaishno Devi might help. Oh, is she also not listening to you? Why don’t you get baptised? Or don’t even change your religion. Come to the Art of living. We will teach you the life skills that you already knew all along. Or sahaj yoga? Brahmkumaris? Every person can pick a new cuisine for each new day! I digress. The best part about being an Indian is… well , there are actually two. First of all, you can ogle. And second, you can keep rubbing your nose in someone else’s business.

We are prepared with all the kinds of advices. You just name a problem man, we will have a solution. Someone else’s life is worth more importance than ours for us “the Indians”. Our self-righteous attitude, the hypocrisy and shallowness of our ideals are our forte. For every defect in us, we are ready with blame games. Why is India so behind? Well, The foreigners got far too ahead. They should have waited for us! Is the bottom line of all our responses. What baffles me the most is if we’re so open about our emotions of happiness and sorrow, what happens when we come to the point of love and affection? Why is Narendra Modi so ardent about his single status? The American president has to be portrayed as a family man to win the respect of his counterparts, similarly in France, the president’s girlfriend is a first lady. But in India with a population of 1.2 billion people, we want a prime minister who is celibate. If this is not hypocrisy then what is? Whatever it is, India is a very funny land. And I am so happy that I can whine about it on my blog. 


  1. You did not mention a single good thing about Indians?? Were you keeping yourself as a model while writing this because not all Indians are so fucked up. Saying all this, i do respect your opinion.

    1. Yes, i didn't. If i had mentioned good things about us then it would not have qualified as a rant -_-
      Answering your next question, NO, i didn't keep myself as the model.
      I agree not every indian is so fucked up. You seem to be a good example.
      I am glad that you respect my opinion.

  2. oh sure they are flexible. Tell us a cow is pink is color and they will give you the disgusting look, say it again and we'll look confused, say it for the first time and we will tell three other people that the pink cow is indeed a reality..
    The herd mentality is a valid point too, I second that thought..:P
    P.s do shortlist some countries you wanna seek asylum if this post gets viral..;)

    1. You make a good point. I might have been too crude here... But you know is easier when you don't give a shit to opinions of other people. If they can't handle a little criticism, then they have no right to get any praise even. I just mean to say, i am immune to negativities of people. So it's just not my headache if someone doesn't like this article.
      There's a lot more than just mindless ranting behind this article
      But thanks a lot for sticking with me on some point :) It's always nice when someone understands you :)

  3. See this proved that you kept yourself as a model while writing all this..."unique way of expressing emotions". You didn't like my comment for obvious reasons, and you could have said it directly while replying to my comment, but instead you reprimanded me (indirectly) while replying to Jemina's comment!..."unique way of expressing emotions" :D
    P.S. Cool down bro...I really liked your post. Most of the things made sense (but prude...where did you get that??) Anyways I wanted to see how different of an "Indian" u are by checking on your reaction to my post in the first place. Ignore all this, if you felt bad :)
    Good job...Have a happy writing...

    P.P.S: And lastly, I know the meaning of rant -_-

  4. indians are peculiar race? thats most absurd line.any race can't be peculiar coz it depends on its history of civilization aka culture and its survival with foreign invaders influence over centuries.people who kept their civilization intact without deviating from original race are true entities.people who have deviated from their very nature over generations of ancestors are people who belong to mixed race which makes them grow up with distorted culture and mindsets.

    so rationality is directly proportional to the original race you are intact with.all those qualities of indians you have mentioned are of population who failed to inherit their original race or civilization writing all this with such conviction coz am one of those from original race.

    you can ask any question from this world or questions to which answers are not available on google search and books ,you will get sensible and rational answer from a person who has inherited the civilization he originally belongs to.