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The catchy title, the awesome cover tricks you into believing this is going to be hearty read. I also fell for that when I ordered this book with great expectations. I was myself going through a dull phase and I had anticipated this book would atleast do me some good. But I was wrong. I had never felt so cheated by a book. So here it goes fellas- my first book review for an insipid, horrendous book of all times- come on inner peace, I don’t have all day.

                The story opens with a prologue consisting of the author and his panditji. I am sorry swamiji. In the beginning the author makes it abundantly clear that his intelligence is far above all of us and therefore, he spoonfeeds us at every level. All throughout his book, we as readers are humiliated because Mr. Garg thinks we are herds of cattle and we will not be able to interpret what he is trying to implore. So he irritates us time and again with his explanations for every point. At one such instant he even reminds us that he is using third person! God, such an irritable and irrational fellow he is. But I don’t think he wanted to intentionally do that. First of all, he is a Baniya and next I think his brain is underdeveloped. Have you ever seen a kid who tries to understand something? After so many tries when he finally does, he is overjoyed and creates such a hoo-halla around!  In the same way, Sachin Garg feels too elated when he understands the most basic, most common notions.  I don’t know what’s wrong with the guy but he also gives us his “own”  theories and explanations and that too in points behind every simplest saying or “mantra” in the book. Well, of course there is no mantra. But we’ll get to that later.

                 Now comes the really irritating part. The story and the characters in his book are underdeveloped. Swamiji reminds me of any quack,nanga sadhu that you can spot during kumbh melas. The anchor himself seems lost and his surroundings just don’t make any sense. His girlfriend died and he thinks he is somehow responsible for it. He has a mother who is so understanding that she doesn’t even ask him questions on what kind of shit he is smoking.! It does not end there. He has a joyful friend saloni who is married at 23. She sends him to the babajis, sorry swamiji’s ashram in rishikesh while she herself goes to a long vacation in south Africa. He is one twisted fuck, this author. On one hand he is really depressed about losing his girlfriend but on the other hand this guy is continuously obsessing over the placement offers he is going to get 3 months henceforth. Well, sounds reasonable doesn’t it? On one hand you’re battling suicidal thoughts and on the other you’re obsessing about the pay package. Nevertheless, the story goes on and I try to dissect every line to find even the slightest sign of peace. Unfortunately all I get to know is “That from now on I stay far away from fucking Indian authors”!
                The guy reaches rishikesh, meets a 40 year old vandana and some other creepy people. He tries to blend in the ashram environment , presumably fails utterly. No guesses then who helps him- His Swamiji (pun intended). Our motherfucking swamiji is a goddamn genius! He makes our protagonist go on a trip to find the other girl he had met in his life while he was in Goa some years back. I really wonder how this guy managed to survive in DCE. He had a gf, he thought she betrayed him and so he went to goa! Dude! Who gave your semester exams? And his mother did not even bother about him even then. The guy was cleaning floors and his mother was doing what? She was bloody understanding! Yeah, right!  So much for the perfect Indian mother, huh? Anyways, Samar then embarks on a journey to find his long lost love Navya across India. In the process, we discover how fucked up our little author is. Now he finds navya has indulged into drugs. So to make her escape out of them the protagonist makes some drugs himself! He goes to rave parties, describes us scenes from there and from being a book about peace, this book eventually takes turn to a GUIDE. A guide to make heroin. A guide to stay out of drugs and also a guide to do every fucking illegal thing in this country behind the curtain of “adventure”. The author even quotes WIkipedia on harmful effects of drugs at one point! I've never been this pissed off with a guy in my entire life! Dude!!! If we required some bullshit teachings on whether drugs are right or not we would have bought something else damn it! This guy is really proving me right on every front! That Indians are bloody nosy people and they have advice for you on just everything. Even in his book amateurs give all kinds of advice.. Everybody seems to be advising everybody! God I am so angry now!!! 
        Coming back, Vandana has cancer and Navya has to be treated for drugs. So instead of taking one to rehab and other to a fucking hospital our little friend decides to become a doctor himself. And he even becomes one! How? In his words only- YOUTUBE! Voila!

          Are you fucking kidding me? This guy should be put in a rehab for god’s sake! Never mind that.  So the story somehow manages to come to an end and when you’re so dreary, the author suddenly remembers the main purpose behind his book. So he writes a short paragraph where he lays down on floor and speaks his mind to swamiji. Hence, peace achieved! Quite simple really! You just need to talk to fucking total strangers! No problem! Finally Samar our protagonist settles down with Navya. I found it totally absurd how that is peaceful? Your gf died and you settled with another girl? If that's not enough navya, a newly cured meth addict is sent out to cure another meth addict! Great work guruji, sorry swamiji ! 

             My fucking 3 hours gone completely waste! Really Mr. Garg, you should stop writing. This is not the right area for you. I don’t know how this book managed to reach the bestseller spot in our country because although I’ve been really at my best at ridiculing Indians but one thing they do know is about books! Maybe it’s all just the hype and the name that did the trick. Much like “the secret from Rhonda Byrne”. People really like sstuff about peace and you tricked and cheated them all.

Now my final verdict- (A gentleman’s review)

Come on inner peace by Mr. Sachin garg seems to be an interesting and grappling novel at first look. The cover is excellent and the topic pampers our creative craving. But the content of the book is well below average. With so many grammatical errors and spelling mistakes I wonder if at all any editing had been done to this book. The story fails to impact the audience and the author’s assumption of being superior to the masses makes his book a total disaster. The book bears a mareked similarity to our veteran author Chetan Bhagat as is clear from the title of a chapter- “vandana speaks” like “Ryan speaks” in the “five point someone”. The language used by the author feels like a second grade version of Chetan Bhagat’s and clearly, it REPELS us to the core. The author is himself far from peace and that is also aptly reflected in his book. I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone unless they want to lose their peace of mind. 

P.S- I found out that this book was published by author's own publication company! So that does answers the poor editing. I have my reservations if this book would have really gone to shelves if the author didn't own a publication company.
   Also I have not actually seen Breaking Bad myself but people say it's just the Indian version of breaking bad. So congrats Mr. garg, you are rewarded for plagiarism as well :)


  1. ok after such a long read all i have to ask is what do you have against baniyas...
    plus i hate people who think they are above everyone, and have all the knowledge of the world, and are better than others... so they start distributing 'gyaan'...
    they are creeps :/

    1. Why, are you baniya yourself? Yeah, i agree with you. I don't think they do it on purpose. They are just hard wired like that.. It's a pity :D

    2. Well you first tell me what you have against baniyas and then I will tell u whether I am a baniya or not...
      God bless such people!!!

    3. I don't really have anything against baniyas frankly. i think they are really smart people especially from studies point of view. But they just lack a little bit in creativity, especially when it comes to writing. Especially this author whose writings are clearly so ill mannered. But i am not saying every baniya is like that. Exceptions do exist. And creativity is just something that is unique to a person really..

    4. Umm ok!
      Well ya I m a baniya...

  2. So i Reckon that if i need to be a researcher i better log into youtube. Why spend hours studying.:P
    the gentle man's review was you being too humble. I liked the former. I guess it did enough to trick me into saving my day (Three hours for you? really? that's it? M the slowest reader I reckon)

    1. Yeah..if you go by the book! I mean in the book the author learns how to cook meth from youtube. In other instance he learns how to cure a meth addict from youtube! He would have even done the cancer operation himself if it was on YouTube!!!
      Lol! Why?! Thanks! ;) :D
      No you aren't the slowest. These indian authors don't use any new words. NAnd we are already used to reading the indian style of English, so saves was more like reading a blog really!

  3. I will avoid this book - thanks to your review! I share your views - I stay away as far as possible from Indian authors...there are very rare Indian authors I have liked (less than 5 works)....I remember seeing this book's cover and thinking it seemed interesting but for some reason I did not pick it up - Thank God for that! :-)

  4. One should not judge people or things without experiencing them, but going by your review, it looks like this book did not deserve a review :-)

    Books are the new movies. Shitty mostly, average at best.