Friday, 30 May 2014

You sir are a b**b

SP and me met after a real long time. So we were catching up and in the meanwhile SP offered me a  bottle of lager, almost certain I would decline!

Me: Sure, why not?

SP: Whoa, dude! When did you start drinking?

Me: Don’t say it like that, you make it sound so cheap !

SP: Alright, classy man you hated beer! What changed?

Me: Ah! Nothing man.., I had been sitting on my bean bag for 8 months, thinking what went wrong.. Then a thought comes into my mind- why don’t I screw up a little more? Lol!

SP : Hahaaha! I know that feeling! I am glad you have started! You have a long way to go!

Me: hell no man, I haven’t started anything!

SP: I don’t get it….

Me: Take for example us two. You are a whore when it comes to booze. And I, well, I am just not a virgin anymore ! 

SP: You are a whore!  

Me: I don’t have a girlfriend who is still going through puberty!

SP: She is in 11th for god’s sake!

Me: That actually actually makes you a pimp !

SP: You…you sir are a boob!

Me: That means you’re a sucker! 

SP: No booze for you!!!


  1. The whore-virgin analogy is so great, it makes me want to start drinking and use it against all my friends.

    1. Hehehe...thanks man. And sure why not? Be my guest.. ;) And You can also say it without actually starting anything... :P

  2. What did your friend intend to say when he said, 'you sir are a boob'. Is it meant to be offensive.?? :P

    1. Would whale's boobs qualify as being offensive?