Tuesday, 20 August 2013

It's always gr8 to talk 2 u !

Day before Rakhi i.e yesterday, SP and I were chilling at his house

Me: I have a cousin sister and she has a real brother.

SP: Okss..but why are we suddenly talking about your family?

Me: tomorrow's rakhi...so I was doing some maths and I found out it's a no profit and no loss statement. That's where the problem lies.

SP: Even I was having a bit of a problem...

Me: I always give my cousin sister Rs 1100 every year on rakhi and so does my cousin brother to my real sister.

SP: Actually, the thing is I find AJ's sister quite hot...

Me: So, what my mother gives to them, my bua returns it all..

SP: You think AJ would be good enough to set up a date for us?

Me: Basically, what goes around comes back around..

SP: But AJ is nuts, I should call her myself..

Me: This year it's going to be different. I am going to give my cousin sister Rs. 2100 !

SP: Let me just find her number (starts glancing his contacts lists)

Me: Or maybe Rs. 501 shall do. From where would I arrange the extra cash ? :|

SP : Got it bro! I should go to AJ's house on the pretence of rakhi !

Me: Oh! Damn it! It's so hard...! Or maybe I can give her an extra gift in addition to cash... !

SP: Oh! shit! AJ's mom knows my mom..what if they find out... > | <

Me: But which gift??? Ahhhh! Let my mom handle it! D:<

SP: I'll be doomed if anyone found out...!  Ahhh! Screw her sister! I'll find another girl! She ain't worth the risk... You always give me the right advice bro! Love you man!

Me: Love you too man! Always great to talk to you too! :)


  1. Hahahaha.. Brotherhood!

    I loved it man! :)

    You rock \m/

    Happy Blogging, Happy Rakhi!

  2. Err..I didn't understand a word of what you both were talking. :D

    1. well,didn't need to! It was mostly rubbish! :P

    2. well,didn't need to! It was mostly rubbish! :P

  3. Bull!!You are indeed one brave guy,planning for a hot date before rakhi..hahaha

    I wonder what you plan before valentines??

    1. Don't worry will surely put up my valentine's plans! And believe me, I'm not that bold! :P

  4. I have been in quite a few conversations like these, yo. :D One comes out so much more enlightened. Fulfilling experience!!

  5. ROFL...where was the bloody conversation? :O