Sunday, 25 August 2013

Let me say it for you

AJ calls me up at 1 a.m and apparently he is on conference with SP too. I oblivious of the fact, answer call curtly.

Me: What the fuck dude? It's 1 a.m!

AJ: I am in a serious situation man..need your help.

Me: I am listening..

AJ : I had ordered food from Ricos.. they have billed me wrong!

Me: What the hell ! Why call me then???

AJ: Cos' you know them well.. you can have better leverage on them than me..

Me: You fucking ******! **********! It's 1 in the morning you big oaf!

AJ and SP coherently: Fucked you!

And the phone hung up. I nodded my head realising I was the victim of their far fetched prank..

*After somedays*

I give a conference call to SP and AJ at around midnight.

Me: So you both coming with me, na?

SP: Where?

AJ: Huh?

Me: Come on dude! Don't tell me you forgot! RJ's birthday?? Ring any bells?

AJ: I thought it was the next month...

SP: Oh shit! He's right.. it's 23rd today! Shit!

AJ: Shit too!

Me: You both are gr8 fuckers! Anyways, I am going to her house, any last correspondence??

AJ: What shall we do? She'd kill us ! Say Something SP!

SP: (Seriously) Hmmm... tell her we are busy arranging a special gift for her...

AJ: Yes, tell her we will drop it by her tomorrow morning!

Me: You are playing with fire here, people! RIP!

*I hang up the phone*

At about 11 a.m in the morning...

AJ and SP call me up (another conference)

SP: You're dead!

AJ: We satyed up all night! You *****!*********************!

SP: You did a pretty ridiculous job setting us up like this..! So much for that..

AJ: Wait a minute... it was all for that....? !!!

SP: Obviously AJ! He fu..

Me: Let me say it for you- I fucked you too !!

AJ and SP coherently: Goddamn ya' ugly bastard!

P.S- Apparently, my dear friends had gone over to the Oberoi's at 1 am to orderd truffles, dark chocolates and brownie cake, spending a little over 3 grand ! I knew they would go the distance for RJ!

P.P.S- She got an extra b'day party a month before because of me.. And as far as AJ and SP were concerned, I managed to make them happy once again by giving their entry fees at the 'Ice lounge'

P.P.P.S- All of this happened on the same day!