Thursday, 29 August 2013

Just another post.. :D

Hi everyone!  My college might be starting in the first week of September, but believe me the wait seems like eternity. From the past 3 years, I didn't have enough time to raise one eyebrow and look at poor moi today...having all the time in the world to waste...sigh! From the past two months, I have been literally doing nothing. Nothing. Period.
*people discern the relevance* ..... *deep deep sighs*

So, with all the time in the world to waste, I do anything but intellectual tasks. So, no mindful blog posts, no films (because I don't like to get involved) and certainly no video games! I thought I would've fared much better in sports but again something wrong happens everytime when I just start building a rhythm. I had made a routine to go to the park in the morning and cycling in the evening...but..but...but! someone doesn't want me to do all this! So, I have been down with fever, diarrhea due to IBS and what not! That means, I cant even eat solid food properly! Sigh!
And insomnia, well, it's on the peak! But don't worry, I am taking handful of medications for all these stuff. In the morning I have to pop in 5 tablets each- red one, white ones and yellow one! (So near to rainbow!)  In the afternoon and evening, 3 are doing just fine. poor me no? :(  Even I can't believe i am growing so old..  :D
So because my woes never seem to fade away (so much for COL!) a family meeting was called.. (another deep sigh). Now, the main agenda of these family meetings is to give a platform to everyone to give their opinions on a topic.. But the agenda today was to dissect my every bad habit and engrave each one on my forehead literally! >:
So, as expected I got an earful of lectures about my health, about I eating out too much and I being irresponsible ! :P (Don't weep for me! I am alright now! :D)
Now, the fun part in all that trouble you can imagine, was poor moi getting n number of calls from different people at the same time! (What a coincidence!)
Actually, it was quite funny overall...
my father- you do not listen to us at all !
(my phone rings)
me- I will call you later!
person- Why the hell have you not sent me those pictures yet?? (sounding angrier than even my father) :O
me- I am pre-booked right now.. you can scold me later! ;D

And I start laughing... my father sees his helplessness and decides it was enough for the day!:P

And I got a new phone? Did I tell you that? Oh! of course I didnt! :D
Nokia lumia 520! Since then, I am busy updating fb statuses, twitter updates and what's app messages! And poor friends of mine have to bear all my excitement! (I am not sighing for you :P)

So that was all for today.. I am going to end with some pictures I clicked when I used to go on cycling (weep :( weep :( true, they are not of good quality but it's all you can manage with 2 MP.

See the rainbow?

Why do people like roses only? Huh!

You don't have to see the cyclist,
see the weather!


  1. Hope you recover completely before you join your college and all the best for your college life.

    Life badalne waali he teri ladke! :)

    1. oh! Thanks for your kind wishes dear :) I also know it's going to change...hopefully for good though :D

  2. Haaye..IBS ho gaya? Chalo koi baat nahin, IBS is fun, keeps irritating souls away. On a serious note, take care chhotu. Bimaar mat pado ab. Ladkiyan patani hain na college jaake? :) Take care...

    1. For your info. ladkiyan mujhe patati hain :\ (No laughing! It's a serious conversation)

  3. I am sure you used the sick time for retrospection.

    Your definitions of fun and boredom, and the overall philosophy in life are going to change. And you are likely to start developing a different kind of appreciation for your family. Not all out love, but the no-regrets feeling in knowing they did the best they could.

    Waiting for a photo of you in a lab coat...

    1. photo? Sure, fb zindaband! :D
      Ab baaki ke comment pe main kya kahu? Sahi hi hoga..

  4. Hope u r doing fine now. Ur blogs entertaining a lonely soul @ 2:00 am in the Mng.
    Thanks & congrats for the phone.


    1. Oh hi dear! How are you? why are you using this anonymous space? But never mind my questions, thanks a ton for the appreciative words. I thought bickering about funny things is much better than bickering about problems or even their solutions for that matter :D
      And who said you're lonely? I am always with you :D <3
      Finally one last thing, back to india?

  5. Ha ha like that .... you don't have to see the cyclist.
    By the way I am another one who don't get carried away when you see a rose.

    1. Hello Mr.Haddock. Welcome to my blog :)
      So, finally, someone agrees with me..sigh
      I thought I was the only intelligent personality when it came to roses :D :D