Sunday, 18 August 2013

Ogling with the badass!

Me and my friend AJ were roaming at Janpath market and this time an epic fail happened.

Me: (poking AJ) Hey man, look at that.. (pointing to a girl)

AJ: Wow dude! Beauty!

AJ continues looking at her while walking and I start regretting my decision to share with him what I had seen ;)

Me: Stop it man! You look cheap!

AJ: Yeah.. whatever!

He doesn't stop looking. The look turns to stare and stare eventually turns to ogle. I couldn't take it anymore. So, I punched AJ hard in his ribs!

AJ: Dude! WTF! What's wrong with you?

Me: What's wrong with you man? Do you know what you were doing? Cheapo!

AJ:  But dude, you only poked me...

Me: Of course I did! It's a reflex action! You see a girl, you poke- hey man look at that! You take a look and turn away! You don't keep staring for 5 minutes!!!

AJ: I needed a good look man! And how would I know for how long I've been looking at her?

Me: Ahh! (I punch him on his back this time! )

Me: You bloody *********************!!!!

AJ: We've got a potty mouth among ourselves ladies and gentleman!

Me: Ahhh!!!!

(After sometime, we moved far away from the crowd and left the girl behind)

AJ: Dude! I think I am in love !

Me: No kidding! with who?

AJ: That girl! I think I should go back and tell her this!

This was it! I hold him from his shoulders and start shaking him violently!

Me: You fucking *******************!*************************!*!**************!!!

AJ: Whoa dude! Stop it! No need to become a potty mouth here again! I will suppress my feelings if you say so..

Me: AHhhhhh!!!!!!!!!