Saturday, 7 September 2013

the good, the bad and the ugly

The good:

1) Got a rare "gift" from a very close friend of mine..I gave her my love in return! Haahha! bechari  :D :D
2) Bossed around my sister and told my sister that she was brought in our family from atop a garbage box!
3) Asked a KFC waiter where KFC was...
4) He brought my order up instantly after that.
5) Gave my mobile to a 4 year old boy while waiting at the Doctor's to play with.
6) And the milk of human kindness and joyfulness was pouring out of me while doing that.

The bad:

1) The doctor was doing vertigo test on me and brought out a big needle, shoved it in my ear tube. Just when he did, I stood up, he asked me what happened. I said I had something to ask him immediately- Are there more engineers in Bangalore or dogs?
2) He sighed for a minute and then finally said," Kutte kam honge"
3) And then he ordered 2 more attendants in the room :\
4) Saw shudh desi romance.. enough  said -_-
5)The AC above me was not working in the hall.
6) All other ACs were pretending to be heaters.

The ugly:

1) The uncle sitting besides me in the hall was constantly chewing paan and I couldn't bear it.
2) I had to give up my last row eat because of him :(
3) The boy to whom I gave my mobile, asked his mom," Mujhe is doctor ke paas kab tak aate rehna padega?"
4) I showed him my tongue after that!
5)  Doctor told me I was fine. o_O


  1. Kick started my day with a smile by reading your hilarious post.Recently read a blog about "generosity",you are the best example Mr good.:)

    Hey howdy shudh desi romance....worth a watch??

    1. You give me too much credit.. I am seriously not Good!
      It's just 'worth a watch' :)

    2. You are great indeed, yaar.

    3. Exaggeration on its peak friends... *Deep Deep Sighs*

  2. The Good

    5). I hope he has not banged your Lumia on ground or throwed it in the air and felt as he won the gold medal in Javelin throw.

    The Bad

    3). Why did he ordered two more attendants? Was he scared of you?

    The Ugly

    5). What's ugly in this? the doctor told you are fine so it should be the good.

    1. figure of speech, dude! Just take a laugh, don't think :P

  3. Ha ha are having the time of your life, enjoy!! :)