Thursday, 12 September 2013

The wrong truth

AJ and SP were sitting at my home yesterday... I told them about my blog-

Me: Hey! Listen, I need to show you something..

AJ: What is it now, dude? Don't tell me you got another pair of shoes..

Me: What? Why? Well, actually, I did get myself one!

SP: Whoa, motherfucker! You are breaking all the records of girls even..

AJ: He has now every kind of shoe.. Let us gift him a barbie too !

SP: High-five!

Me: Finished? Coming to the point.. here look at this... It's my blog.

AJ: Blog? What the hell is that shit?

SP: It's a writing place.

AJ: You write? I bet our ***** mam will be really happy..

SP: Holy shit! Look at this!

*Reads some of these posts*

AJ: What the fuck dude! I don't talk like that!

SP: Why don't you mention me so often?

Me: Come on guys, I just post our conversations cos I have nothing else to post!

*in the meantime*

SP: AJ look here.. most of the blogs are of girls!

AJ: No kidding! Guys write shit! That's why blogging is a girls' thing!

*AJ and SP exchange piquant looks. And finally burst into laughter*

Me: Whatever dude! Atleast I do something creative in my free time

AJ and SP: You are awesome Ms. Singhal !


  1. The intense moment where you say, " I have a blog", and your friends just stare at you in astonishment. Yeah, been there done that :P

    How is blogging a girl thing? But I guess there are lots of girls.

    1. They gave me more of a condescending look rather than astonishment! Retards, I tell you :D
      Na, blogging is not a girl's thing! It's "our" thing! :D

      Gr8 to see you back :)

  2. Ha ha Ha... I liked this line from AJ

    "AJ: He has now every kind of shoe.. Let us gift him a barbie too !"

  3. when I told my friends about my blog they were like "Whatever dude! I used to have one. A technical one.Now I don't use it anymore."

    Is blogging a girl's thing ? I don't know. But nearly over 70% of the people are girls compared with guys.

    Lets hoon hands to increase the guys count. Spread the word. :D

    1. Oh! Toh finally luminary ko mere blog pe aane ka time mil gaya :P Chalo fir, welcome to my blog dude! :D
      Get more boys? I could ask SP to write a blog. Then he'll also post the same conversations, we don't want that now! :D

  4. Don't worry behna..err, bhai, you are doing good. :)

  5. That was funny. Enjoyed reading it. I too always wondered about the disparity in sex ratio on the blogging world. May be its got to do something with girls being more expressive than boys. Just speculating. :-)

    1. Hi! Nice to see you here :)
      well,what can I say? Maybe you're right ;)

  6. hahaha.. Miss singhal! :D
    Acha hai *nana patekar style*

  7. Hahahaha Its always fun to visit this space.

    Friends can turn anything in comedy :D Awesome!!

  8. I am pretty sure all of this is true, except the last line about Mr. Singhal.

  9. What you own a blog?Whats the big deal about it? that's was the expression from my friends...duh!!

  10. Friends are born to tease you and pull your legs :P
    and let me assure you Blogging is not a female-oriented space...
    I know many to prove that :)

    keep blogging..

  11. LOL...and you commented on my shoes :P Anyway, at least you have hilarious friends :P

  12. Awww...hahahahahahah!!! Miss Singhal you so PRETTY!!!!
    Btw show us your sho collection in your next blog post...ok pretty?! :D