Sunday, 8 September 2013

What guys want from girls

This seems to be an interesting topic.. ;)
No nonsense, just bullet points straightaway-

  • A veryyy big beautiful smileeee! This is a must. A big smile that can cheer anybody up. That can make me forget who I am, that can make me realise that my sole purpose in life is to keep that smile intact.. a smile which can make me forget all my worries and a smile, for which I could accept my death.
  • A die hard lover! This is not gibberish but it's a fact. Any person, especially guys would want his better half to think of him as the best person in this world. That she should reside her full confidence in him and just let herself be his completely.
  • She must not talk to all the other boys with the same lovable tone.. ! i.e. I should get some special treatment.
  • Please, No Hypocrisy! You say one thing and do one another, what is happening? It is next to humiliation. I think this applies to men too.
  • She should keep her promises. No last moment no-show and all other embarrassing stuffs. I wouldn't want to wait for her to turn up sitting alone in a cafe!
  • Definitely honest. Brutally honest.
  • A patient listener and an active adviser.
  • A nice dressing sense would be appreciable..
  • And finally, good sex would do too.. sigh!
There are other things I would want to include too, but it would then become like my shaadi resume ;)We don't want that do we? 

chalo, fir let's talk about other things..
It's a bright for a sunday morning,no? It's been a good sunday so far. I went to the park. Made a new friend, read the Hindu,yes mera Hindu :D, mom ki thodi taang kheechi, and read some way old blogs! I am also listening to oldies right now! They are good..
Here's my playlist for a oldie, sunny Sunday :
1)Avril Lavigne's - Under my Skin and The best Damn thing(album)
2) Enrique iglesias- somebody's me
3) RDB- Tu bin Bataye, khalbali !
4) Rockstar- Kun faya kun
5) Delhi 6- Delhi 6, rehna tu
6) Lilly Allen- LDN, The fear

Among other things, I ate a parantha after 4 good years of abstinence. After today, I think my next bite of it would be in the next life..(seriously I hate paranthas). Don't you think we have so limited options for breakfast? Sandwiches,omelettes,fruits. That's all! Now please don't tell me aloo poori is an option o_O 

Want more? No? I'll tell you,anyways.. I have many plans for today-
1) I am going to watch ghanchakkar..yeah! right! :D
2) Then I'll be going for some shopping. I should not say 'some' :P
3) And I'll have another addition to my shoe collection. This time, I think I'll buy those flat, trendy sneakers.
4) And by night, I also plan to finish Anna Karenina. Straight story, no shit. And this book lasted whole 2 days! So, cheers for Tolstoy! 

Okay enough for now! This week, I plan to post everyday, obviously, these posts will be not as eccentric as my posts have been in the last few days *deep deep sighs* , here are the categories:-
1) Religion
2) Politics
3) Emotions
4) Sports
5) Environment

Yours truly,

A going to be Soorma bhopali :D 


  1. hi,
    Very happy to see this blog. It is very nice experience while going through your creatives. Will visit again I am available here

  2. That was one interesting post. I agree with all the points a guy and a girl too will look in their partner.

    Snd seems like you had a good Sunday.
    P.S. Came here during my blog hop in finding new blogs. :)

    1. hi "Me"! Welcome to my blog :) I am glad you read it and agreed with it even although it was just another mindless post from me :D

      So, did you like my blog in the end?

  3. I think only 3 qualities in a girl are enough. Being true, being understanding and being bold to speak whatever is on her mind. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

    I hope you remember Soorma Bhopali's accent from Sholay. That is true MP accent. We had a few workers from MP when my parents' home was being built. Really great folks!

    You might want to add Bhangra Empire to your entertainment. I really liked them when I chanced on them last year.

  4. Wuhuu very honest list.Not bad if the girls ask for the same thing in return.What do you say??
    Wel well what i can say for not liking parathas..tusi great ho toffa kabool kare.Being a punjabi,paranthas are like staple foods for us.
    That old songs list is classic.Love them all.:)Surma bhopali ji..;)

    1. Boys and girls..ek hi thaali ke chatte- batte! :D We all want basically the same things from the core. But it's only after the 30s that they realise that! :P
      Paranthas...I had been overfed with them for good 14 years. I can't take it anymore :D :P
      Love to see you here :) Hope you'll get to see more mindful posts from next time :D

  5. I don't think anyone has read past the first list. :) Looks like the plan to post every day didn't work out as expected?

    1. Yeah.. i know.. not everyone is as generous as you :D
      And hey! Finally, you are here on my blog! A very warm welcome to you :D

      Writing a post a day is tough. It dilutes the quality, so I thought I will post them once I have written all of them :)

  6. Whatever you right in your wanna be list it will be still small as compared to a list from a girl.

    Btw, I am not Punjabi but still I love paranthas. I do remember my visits to Paranthe waali gali whenever I went to chandani chowk.

    1. Acha dialogue hai.. All of us have watched "Wanted" :P
      Meri list lambi hai :P :P

      Or kisne kaha khaali punjabiyon ko paranthe ache lagte hain? (another :P) I never went to chandni chowk.. It is a hideous place to say the least. Karim's pe gaya tha, kasam khaali thi ki bheed ke aas paas bhi nhi bhatkunga! You really are brave dude! :D

  7. Believe me, that list is incomplete. The list is endless, everyday something gets added to the list. :p

  8. Word to word ekdum direct dil se. xD

    And the list just goes on & on.isn't it? ;)

  9. Okay. The first part made sense. But then later on, I got lost. PS: I love getting lost on unknown roads :P