Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Roadies- horrible and popular

Roadies is an Indian reality  show as we all know. Raghu ram and Rajiv both bald (and funny when wear sunglasses) together co-created this show about 10-11 yrs back. Since then it has been a huge hit in the market and that gives me all the more reason to watch it.
And so I did. Here's what happened-
" It's roadies time." I said to myself as I sat in front of my lovingly old television. The show started with a theme song . It was all too shabby, I wondered to myself. Finally the too loud song got over and I thought I could finally see some real action. But what I get to see is people going mad over roadies auditions. They were mostly luchchas, lafangas kind of people all gathered at one place. ( I should not be so hard on them!) Anyways as I continued to watch further, I find out there is first a group discussion round in which the loudest fella is chosen for the next personal Interview round. The P.I involves people being questioned over their thoughts and their sanity! I had known about job-interviews, Dramatics interviews and all that kind of stuff but an interview over nothing was entirely new for me. After it became unbearable, I wondered if I should see previous episodes on the net and I did( I regret doing this). I found out that people have been given tasks which involve playing a game and the winner goes to play on to the next level.And this show is liked by millions .Seriously, I need to brush up my general knowledge. It was all too abusive and violent to be tolerated for more than half an hour. But I did tolerate it for 2 hours straight. And now my head spins on top of all that. 'sigh'.  I was on the verge of turning it off when my mother and sister  came looking for me as I had been quite gone for about 2hrs straight. I could see my mother frowning at my complacence( I had to study!) but still worse fate awaited me. She overheard the abusive talks on the show. I nearly choked to death at that moment. The only reaction she could give was to walk away like nothing happened. I don't know whether I should be worried on that or too happy :0

So the crux of all the matter is roadies is not a show I would want to waste my precious time on. So don't watch it. You have better options hopefully. And if you get into parent trouble like that do give me heads up to deal with these awkward situations...!

Till then,
Keep smiling and enjoy the valentine's day ahead !

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  1. Oh shit even I watched roadies while preparing for my Boards and had the same thoughts as yours!
    I guess at this time anything seems gud to escape studies :-)