Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Rubbish #2

After going through a good night's sleep, I feel much better now. The last post was really a piece of crap. Really,when all your plans go awry and things get out of control, all of your power is drained. I hear people saying that it is in times like these the real character of a man is shown but I don't agree. How can a person be anywhere near himself when he is being held at a gunpoint? I just don't seem to get this idea of how people judge others by so many incredulous ways. They have hard to believe parameters of an ideal person. Of late, I have dealt with many of such people including the ones whom I had an entirely different image. They have disappointed me but being a very good person I have forgiven them(haahaahaa!).

From quite sometime now I have been out of the school. I joined coaching classes but left them midway because I just couldn't cope up with their schedule. So, I just sit at home all day long and it's been quite sometime since I have had a chance to talk to my friends. Speaking of friends, someone asked me why I have so less friends. Is it because I am an introvert was their next question X0
*deep deep sighs*
Poor souls, what can I say. They are entitled for their opinions.

I think I should get back to my loving padhai before I get mad any further... : |
Have a nice day...

P.S- CLARIFICATION- I do have a lot less frends but not because I am an introvert but because I love the people who are friends with me. And you can't have that kind of love for every person. So, even if they are a few, they are the bestest frns one can ever have !


  1. I some how relate to all these so called "rubbish" ;)

    About studying, about being in good books, about a blow during higher secondary school, about few and lovable friends... it just seems so familiar, it feels like if i were to write, i could have written something similar ! :-D

    Well whatever craps come on the way, life goes on, isn't it? ;-)