Thursday, 14 February 2013

Kya Kar Rahe Ho Beta?

I know this is valentine's day and I should be talking about love and stuff but love is definitely not in the air this season(shorry shooorryyy lovers). I might be exaggerating a bit but believe me I have no qualms over valentine's day this year. There are more important things going around here..:o

Getting to my point straight, I have dropped an year and admitting to it in front of people-I-don't-know can be quite tormenting. And it is. I just go crazzzyy when people ask me"Or beta.. Aaj kal kya kar rahe ho?"..
"Kuch nhi" is always my answer. And they go like, KUCH NAHI??????
That's where mum or dad come to my rescue- "jee hmara ladka medical ki teyari kar rha hai" says my relatives even before my dad cud pssbly speak a word.. And the next person gives his good-for-nothing free ki advice and goes on...
I keep standing there, thinking I did not say a word(okay i did but nt literally!) and the other person meri bezzaati (yes that's right zaati) karke chalta bana.. I ask myself -"what did i do?" And all i can do is sometimes laugh inside myself so loud that the other people see me getting fatter!

Seriously, dudes here have some kind of problem where they can't be concerned about their own lives. There are literally too high standards in this society and there is no shortage of morons who make you feel like a complete loser! Sometimes I feel like beheading these people from my lives but I think it is helplessness and vulnerability that instigates such punitive reactions. Moreover, there are low points in your life and there will be higher too. You just need to hang in there for as long as you can until the bad phase passes away
( that's what I want to believe)

And with time I have stopped meeting new people cos I fear being asked the same question again but now suddenly I realise(or have been made realised) that it is my life and if i don't have the guts to change it, I should accept to live with it. Then atleast I'll be able to savour my life better.
Actually,I have come to an understanding that I should live life upto my expectations, not by others. I really don't care what Mr. XYZ thinks about me, but i do care what I thnk about myself. And if all in world someone's opinion really matters then it's your parents.
(wo parents wali baat kuch zyada ho gayi, par chhodo ab erase nhi karta...afterall mere parents ki anniversary hai aaj kch gift to milna hi chahiye unhe ,ehh;)

Now to all those people who are plagued by this disease, I just want to give one good advice that might not change the situation but should help you feel better about yourself-

so just listen to others but do what your heart says.

(I have this disease and it would really help me living with it to know that i am not alone with it...hehee:D)
So good luck guys, live life to the fullest and savour every moment of it whether good or bad..!

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