Tuesday, 12 February 2013

My First Post

Hi everybody. Today i step into the shoes of being a blogger. As adventurous as it sounds, it is more like a break for life for me. Let me formally introduce myself to you- I am Abhishek Singhal, 19 yrs old, from New Delhi. I passed my 12th an year ago but couldn't get admission to a medical college(sucks,right?) So, here I am one year later, preparing again to get through this time.

Now this blog and I would really have to stress it is a result of obsession with a much virtual notion of a perfect life in my mind. I just have so much to write but right now I am getting blank. So, for now let us stop our conversation here itself, otherwise it shall become an unbearable torture for even myself.


  1. Hello Abhishek.

    I have been blogging for 1.5 years and already your blog has more posts than mine. Hopefully, you will be able to keep this up.

    Love the way you are writing. Except that sometimes you divide stories into parts and publish them spread over time.

    But its your style, you should not listen to me or anyone else for that matter :-)

    As Arpit says, Happy Blogging!

  2. Hi Mr. Karunesh. I am glad you liked my blog.
    Well, I myself didn't notice my style of writing until you mentioned that fact. And I am glad someone finally mentioned my habit to break posts.

    Actually my posts or some stories as you must have seen are very long. I mean unless you are not completely free, you cannot read all of it at one go. So, to make them much more reader friendly I break them into little posts (which also turn out longer than expected). This makes them more reader friendly and also I expect some reviews from the readers so that I can improve upon the next part, so I give it a little time. Unfortunately this thing has not yet worked but I think in due time it will. And what's the harm in experimenting?

    And if someone is not happy with my style of writing I can always make the necessary changes. Afterall, style is meant to be changed. I try to make my posts as reader friendly as possibe and I need to listen to people's opinion for that matter. On that note, I am going to end this long comment and once again I am honoured to have here.

    Have a nice day :) And a very happy blogging to you too. Hope I'll see your posts more often than now :)

    1. I personally think one long post is better than two or more short posts. Let me present my logic, and then you can judge it for yourself (Its your blog) :-)

      Also keep in mind that my blog is not having too much of content or readership (6-7 posts, ~1800 views in 1.5 years), so whatever I am saying here is just hypothetical, or as we sometimes like to say, my theory.

      There are two kinds of readers, ones who will read your blog seriously, and others who will just come here, click around the different posts and leave, never to come back again. Some of those who read your blog seriously once will become regular followers.

      You might not want to cater to the needs of the serious/regular followers, but for most people it becomes a kind of duty, even if in their subconscious mind. (What will think of this?). Moreover, if you are posting your stuff online, somewhere in your mind, you want others to read and (preferably) appreciate it.

      Most serious/regular followers will not have problems reading long posts. On the other hand, I think scrolling down is less of an inhibition than clicking on another link and to see another page load. Some people will simply not go to another page when an option is to go check out facebook or twitter.

      Maybe I focus too much on content and little on presentation, but this is what I think. Even if you are not interested in programming etc., see Steve Yegge's blogs. That guy has the longest posts you can imagine, but still people read it and appreciate it. At least I do. http://steve-yegge.blogspot.in/

      But remember, it is your blog and your decision. I am nobody.

      Also, nice pun on the more not... part. :-)

    2. Please stop being so defensive again and again. I am honoured that you took your time out to read my blog.And I am not offended in the slightest possible way.

      As far as your theory goes, I agree with it. I myself went through your long interview post and if it would have been broken, it would have been a real deal-breaker. So, I completely agree with you on that note.
      However, I just don't seem to get the idea of why I do not want to cater to the needs of my regular readers. Actually, they are the ones keeping the blogging spirit alive.
      I have other points too but let us leave them because you are right...it's a blog meant for long articles not a darn facebook post ! In future I will bear your words in mind.
      Thank you for visiting my blog.
      I look forward to seeing you here more often .
      Have a nice day :)