Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Now before I start writing this post, I want to thank MTNL people for fixing up my internet issues 7 days late but atleast they did finally when I had to literally beg to that customer care fella who thot I was desperate enough to loot a bank that time!

Now, recently I again found my love for the HINDU rejuvenated when I heard all praise for it from fellow earthians. R wrote about it lovingly( R is a person and I can't take her name) and so did many other eminent personalities. But it's the abhishek singhal's test that will validate its authenticity(muahaha).
I had once bought it for myself a few years back when I was in 10th.It was horrendous to see a black and white newspaper but I drudged along. I irked myself to the highest level to read all of it and I even did but eventually I found it completely alienated?? or disinteresting(yeah). So I switched back to colourful HT and TOI.
Now almost 3 years later i am moved to read it once again. And i did. I got up at 6 am, waited patiently for the newspaper guy and told him to bring me a copy of hindu. Finally 3 days later he remembered to deliver it(of course not the old copy) and I have it in my hand- The hindu. It turns out they also filled colours in their life and finally some sense prevailed. I had never seen a dull and monotonous newspaper like this.The paper quality was poor and being more expensive it is unjustified. There were no advertisements, no faaltu khabre only actual news.
 It took me complete 2 hours to go through what it had when most of the time with HT it takes me about half an hour or so. There has been this peculiar thing popping up like a prick everytime- South Indian influence was clear and so were the news. More concerning the whole country rather than just delhi . It was good actually, to read a formal national daily. And i have to say this in bold letters-
         The Hindu is actually an intellectual property. Amidst all the cynicism among the journalism, The Hindu rises and shimmers with confidence and optimism much needed for the society nowadays. 
I felt like I have actually read something after a very long time. I had to read every line 2-3 times to fully understand what it said, so you can make out how well versed it was. Seriously it had some mind-boggling english articles and it has lived upto its reputation and hype.Finally I can say I have found something exclusively for me.  Just this time i wish it stays with me longer.

P.S- You can find this newspaper too much detailed and too elaborated. But I think that's what newspapers are for ,right?


  1. I also find the Hindu as a very good newspaper. Not only because of the details, but also because of the overall balanced outlook.

    Another thing that makes the Hindu great is that a lot of the editorials get responses (both from readers and from experts), which are printed in later editions. Reading an editorial, then a reaction-article and then another article by the editor author explaining his/her/their stand is something I am yet to see in other papers like the Tribune (North India mostly) and TOI etc.

    Just like you find the Hindu's more-than-Delhi coverage good, I love how it mostly ignores useless celebrity/page-3 stuff. The one off articles about people, like the one today about bhelpuri wallas and another a few days before about a retired/not-too-good-financially Hockey goalkeeper who won the Olympic gold with team India in 1972-Munich, show genuine concern for normal people.

    Btw, you are 19 and you read the papers regularly? I am gonna be 23 this April and even I find 'regularity' difficult :-)

    1. I think I got this habit from my dad who reads newspaper while breakfast. I have started the same thing.:D