Saturday, 22 June 2013

Awkward facebook moments

We have all been through some uncomfortable times especially on facebook when we plan before doing every move, wait, what if he comments on my status? what if he doesn't comment on my status? and lots more. But when the actual time comes all the things go haywire and we either end up looking as clowns or we assume to have been made one!

This might not be the case in general, but believe me these "virtual" facebook conversations make me very uncomfortable at times. So much that I feel like throwing up. Here's my list of the weirdest facebook moments -
  • when some acquintance sends you fb friend request and you don't know what to do with it. Then when you meet that person after somedays, this fb topic comes up where he asks,'hey! you didn't accept my request till yet? Did you not receive it?'

    No, computer has a tendency to send these requests to spam..

    Dude! Spam is for emails!

    Is it? Oh! So sorry, I will talk to the manufacturers right away!!!!
  • When some known person sends you friend request but then for some unknown reason you two avoid any conversation for days altogether. Only the occasional likes on photos keep your relationship alive and makes you realise,'oh! yes, I also know that guy!'

    Then one day you make up your mind and decide to break the silence.
    Hey dude! Wass'up?

    I'm fine dude, how 'bout you?



    And after that the silence spreads across the chat box once again! (epic, huh?)
  • Now when you do know a person, it is a different case altogether. You are really close to each other and meet on regular basis. Only you do not have anything to talk about on facebook.

    When is the next class?



    And you whisper to yourself- why did I ask that? I have been going there on every tuesday for months!
  • Then there are sometimes when you befriend someone on the internet and add you as a facebook friend. You have added them as your fb friend and wonder- That is a very good person, you know. But what do I talk to him about? And what do I call him- Mr. or Ms. S? That's too formal ! S? That's too lame! Deedee? Bhaiya? Uncle? Get outta here!

    Anyways you overcome  this difficulty and somehow manage  to start a conversation..

    Hi there!

    Hi !

    Nice to see you here!

    Me too! Me too!

    So tell me more about yourself..

    I am 26 years old working in USA at xyz company. I have one mom and one dad in India!

    Somehow you see things going in the wrong direction but after the last answer you again wonder- Hey! Wait! Am I on the dating site? I must be talking to his brother or sister!
    Seriously, conversations with unknown people can be so traumatising and yet interesting! (How ironic!)
  • Now in other situations we all have a friend who posts the pictures of his unfinished meal in a restaurant ! These are the most epic failures! Their half-eaten dishes remind you that you still belong to the human race and from the next time onwards you finish your meal properly! ( to not to look like an animal..hopefully!)

    I so wonder at these people. That guy really likes his food. He thinks I cannot afford to buy it !

  • And now comes my favourite part- The girl photos!
    These girls are really a creation of their universe! They click their photo themselves first of all. That's okay, I guess. Not all of us are blessed with kind friends who can take our snaps... But one thing I fail to understand is why do they always tilt while making a pose? Their head is always tilted to 45 degrees, like it has fallen from their necks! Then there is that weird smile. Who knows why do they smile so much? Is their life too happy? Again, who knows? sigh...
    And have you ever wondered why only their face is visible on photographs most of the time. What? Are they shy to show off the rest of their bodies? Maybe they think that everyday is halloween and they have to scare the rest of us by making their face extra extra extraaaaaa largeee!!! lol !
I am clearly too tired of using facebook, hearing about my boy-friends whine about their relationship status, and girl-friends about their love status(es) that they post million times a day! And what can I say about the party snaps. Relative's function- there's an album for that, going to the mall, here's another album for that and what not !

I have a small head my friends and in there resides a rather smaller unused organ popularly called- abhishek's brain. It is too small to be able to process such complex informations. So it decided to create a new facebook account with only 8 friends who just always share the garbage bin photos! And my tiny little brain likes it so much!! (Such a happy ending!)

Again you all can send me your hate mails at-
and this time I hope I have risen above the sick comedy ! :D

P.S- Tomorrow the supermoon will be seen and you'll have real chance to observe the craters of the moon very clearly. So, all you photography lovers buy a binocular or a telescope in addition to your cameras and you can capture this wonderful moment at about 2000 to 2030 hours (if you are not a technical person because actual supermoon is captured just before it rises up the horizon). And I am talking about photographing the moon through telescope!
If you are not using a telescope or binocular, this article about capturing the supermoon might interest you-

P.P.S- Yes, I know photography but people don't interest me. Surely, the moon does!

P.P.P.S- Man of steel sucks! Don't even waste your time on it even on the television!


  1. Howlarious. This was funny. Looks like you are at an age where either you love yourself too much or you hate everyone else a little more or you hate everyone including yourself :D

    Btw, FB is what has kept me sane here in US :)

    Thanks for saying that Man of Steel sucks ! My husband took me to a big theatre which was miles away from our home and made me watch it and I watched it with moist eyes. Yes, I was crying because he took me to that movie saying it was a surprise for me :(

    1. O_0 My age, lady, is a tender being in itself! It has gone through many disputes over the time.Sometimes the number was too big to do something and sometimes it was too small to do some others! With such constant blows to its self-respect, my age has become a very reclusive person, you see!!So please don't relate any attribute to it. It will start throwing tantrums right away :P
      And yeah, i love myself too much !! ROFL :D :D
      Britishers love themselves too much! Americans love each other too much! But I am the pure Indian breed who just loves his food too much :D And there is nothing after and before food that matters!! heheee!!

      And had i paid $20 for a film like that, I would have cried too!!

  2. Lol this is hilarious and so true, especially when you are talking to someone you don't know well or don't talk to often and there's nothing but silence.

    *takes down note* DONT WATCH MAN OF STEEL

  3. Ok this is epic.. I do all of above. And my head is not extra big!

    1. Hey! Thanks :) I am glad you liked it (double smiley face! )

  4. SO hilarious and SO true!! Oh Facebook, how it can create so much awkwardness.

  5. Haha the girl part, I actually asked a few of my female froiends about their tendency to tilt while getting clicked....needless to say I made myself even more unpopular with the opposite sex :P

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  7. Social networking with people you hardly know is a pain. So much that I wrote a whole blog post last month on that first point. About posting photos of an unfinished meal, UGH!, but if it's an appetizing looking photo of a whole meal, I'm game. (Food porn! ;) )

  8. ek dum sau partishat sach baatein likh di hein tumne dost.

  9. and when you actually post something good as your status and not more than 1 or 2 like it or comment on it and a girl posts something stupid or even a line from a song get her status flooded with likes and comments.

    1. true! But dude this joke is too old now!
      Anyways,I wonder whether girls actually see us making fun of them :D

  10. Thank God somebody else feels the way I do. My solution: just stopped using the FB account wherein I have hundreds of friends (I don't know how did I manage to have so many virtually when I have only handful of friends in real life). Makes life so much easier.