Friday, 28 June 2013

Dafuq is wrong with you???

My friend AJ seems like taking a lot in these days. And me being his good friend, decided to increase his stress ;) Here's what happened when he asked me out for the movies-

AJ - Hey man! What are you doing this friday?

ME- Nothing I guess..

AJ- Then let's go to the movies, there is one....

ME- No

AJ- Why?

ME- I have work to do

AJ- But you said you were doing nothin'

ME- You said it yourself, I have to do something

AJ- But it's nothing

ME- Exactly, and it takes a lot of patience

AJ- You have some deep seated issues in you man!

ME- Don't you dare say that again! It's you who is always with f*cked up problems. it's like your problems f*cked each other and had kids which f*cked among themselves to produce more f*cked up problems! So you want to go to the movies to find solace from your f*ck world!!!

AJ- Sheesh man! Did you wake up to be a d*ck all day?

ME- No, I woke up to be a d*ck today as well.

AJ- Ahhhh....!


  1. This is indeed what good friends do. Take a friends stresses away and give them new ones :-)

    So much inbreeding of problems must have created problems for the problems themselves.

  2. Maybe, f*cked up problems require a good enough contraceptive to avoid having some more f*cked up progenies :D

  3. Haha.. this one is funny! :)

    Happy Blogging Buddy, Like a Boss! :D

  4. Ha ha.. I liked that line with more F*cked ups.