Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Recapitulating the day

I don't want to write on any one specific topic because other bloggers are doing a great job I must say. They have carefully chosen every interesting topic of the world to write about and their writings..well, it will be suffice to say I don't stand a chance in front of them. That being said, I feel like a dick...(what's new?) My head is tormented with thoughts but whenever I try to categorise them, it becomes blank..just like now. Please forgive me if you find this post outrageous. I am writing it solely for myself, not to popularise my blog and certainly not for any kind of judgement.
My exams are over and rather unexpectedly, the results are not looking good. If I fall now, I am looking at dropping another year after 12th. So I'll already be in 20s but still not in college.
-Sucks to be you.
Tell me about it !
Some mistakes can never be corrected. Why do they have the entrance exam only once a year? My age- 20, it is the biggest problem! 6yrs of MBBS-26, 2-3 yrs in MD- 29, then 3-5 yrs in specialisation-34 and it will just make me a junior doctor!! In the long run it wouldn't matter as to what my age is but I will seriously not be able to see my friends who are already in MBBS courses graduating two years before me! This time seems like a nightmare! Why this thing happened in the first place is a million dollar question. Simplest answer being I did not study that well. And why did I not study well, is something that is going to take the whole night!

Damn, this thing is taking a toll over my mind. All throughout the day I have been acting weird. First, I spammed millions of blog posts with my comments and then made a complete fool of myself at the vodafone customer service centre. I don't like these people. I was kept waiting for over an hour to solve my problem and do you know what finally happened? After one hour of intense waiting they told me to call to the customer care number to get my problem solved.!!:\
But it's still okay with me, I am a very calm person and I can handle such irritating situations but what blew off the steam was when one of those employees asked me to go away and only come back when my name was announced ! It was so rude! I have never been talked like that in my entire life. So, obviously I complied with the man's words. I did not know what else to do or what else to say... But soon after felt so humiliated. Like I am rickshaw-wala! I don't curse that bastard for what he has done. I don't like being mean to anybody and I certainly don't have that power in me to think bad of someone, no matter how cross that person must be with me. But  I just expected something more decent. Maybe in time I will learn how to deal with these customer service agents!(hypocrite- you are calling that man bastard! Oh yeah! Britishers say bastard all the time..no? But you aren't a Britisher. Nor do you live in London !)

I just forgot to mention the main highlight of today-
I cooked an entire meal !! From Dal to chapatis !! My mother got injured while working, and we had to rush her at the doctor's. She got some bandages but no candy..!! So I took over the kitchen, unleashed my masterchef powers and presented my family with a finger-licking meal ! *so superior luk* Oh damn it, I sound like a house wife!! Yak! I will never cook again!


  1. Oh..I hope your mother gets well soon. And, MBBS and MD and specialisation, you sound like an intelligent guy. You will get through it :)

    Coming to the post, we write the best when we are ourselves and this post is a proof of that.

    1. So, all this time you thought I wasn't? :D ROFL!!
      Maybe we do write our best for ourselves...

  2. Best of luck with the exams :) And the process of becoming a doctor is freaking long!

    And what Pooja said, write what you know, cause that's what you do best. I like posts where people write for themselves rather than for others.

    1. My exams are already over dear :) But anyways thanks for your wishes..It's always nice to get some :D
      Yeah, the process is long, no doubt about that.

  3. [I know it is a really long comment. Maybe boring too. And accuracy is not really my strong suit :-) ]

    If you really cooked so good, and if I was your mom, I would just pretend to be in pain for a few more days so that I could get good food without having to cook it!

    Believe me, a certain degree or career is not the end of life. And you certainly are too cool to let small setbacks hamper you as a person. ('small' in the overall scheme of things)

    If you look at it, your craze for being a doctor can be replaced by one for having a gf/bf. My friends all have a gf/bf, while I don't. All of them will be married by 2015, while I can only get married by 2017. Ok, the marriage part was too much, and maybe I am one of the idiots you talk about in your last post.

    About being a good blogger, if I was interested in reading well written stuff, I would simply read each and every author who has ever got a Noble, or a Pulitzer or the like. It is a person's thoughts, and life experiences etc. that we cherish as bloggers and as readers.

    1. Well, you are famous for long writings, so why so defensive?
      And why twould I want to have a bf? (double LOL!)

      Again sorry to disappoint you sir but noble prize winners hardly blog. they've got other important things to do...of course I am talking about scientists and not the philosophers or peacekeepers or even the environmentalists for that matter!

      But jokes apart your comment was but a touchy one :) It's always good to know that there is someone who truly wishes good for you!

  4. It's great you can cook, and you should be proud of it as not all the men can cook ! Specially indian ;-)
    Hope your mom feels better soon.

    About the medicine, my brother complains the same. He completed his MBBS and was taking USMLE so same story. Now flying to USA next week for his residency. And yes he can cook as well, good to be self-reliant :-)

  5. Ah! I too would love to have somebody around who cooks well!