Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Tiny little updates

Bullet points straight away. No shit this time.

1) I am now officially the king of pappu jokes and cheap comedy. My last post is the example of that. Really, such an epic fail.

2) I have  too much on my plate that I have lost the sight of what's important and what's not.
3) I desperately need aliens to clear up some deep seated issues in me...(deep deep sighs)

4) I have noticed that my blog has got some visitors from Russia, Canada, Behrain and other places and I have no idea why do they find my blog interesting.

5) I don't feel too good about myself of late, maybe 'cos  I am too less worked up!

6) I have made some awesome friends through this blog and yet at the same time have had a first hand experience to deal with nasty little bastards.

7) I have been acting like a 'bitch' and at first I was annoyed with people around me but now I am just irritated at myself.

8) I miss some moments and I have become too scared to even remember those. It's like I am running away mindlessly. I don't want to run! Aww! (Stupid!)

9) Are these really updates? You haven't disclosed anything ..
    -They maybe...I am scared to..(urghhhhh!)

10) Okay, I admit this post is much shittier than the previous one.

- I am done..
-with this world, with govt. , with people?
-No sherlock, my post !


  1. Take a chill pill. not an i-pill!

    see i can be shittier than you.. beat that! :D

    Glad you talked!

    Have a good, a little less messed up life ahead! :)

    1. Heehehee..that was indeed sick!
      I am also glad that I talked with the right person!
      And thanks for the wishes in the end. I wish the same for you :) Thanks once again :)

    2. You are welcome bro and thanks for the wishes!

      Much needed! :)

  2. I am feeling the same way as you are. Kabhi kabhi mann karta hain ki sabka gala dabah ke unka khoon choos jaaun :(

    1. Sounds vampir-ish and gr8..!Suck the blood out of all those little bastards,eh..!

      But you know,I think I am the cause of all my problems and yelling on other people would be unfair...

      I am sorry to hear that you feel the same way as I do. It's indeed horrible..:(

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  4. Don't be so hard on yourself!! You're blog is awesome and it's always hard to balance things when you have so much on your plate.

  5. Boss!Wat is all this. Such a cool guy is allowing frustration, little bastards, and unknown fear take over your senses. Have a beer and relax ok. Nd if u hav too much on the plate...take it easy. Why hurry. Your blog is good. Let the Russians, Chinese and aliens read it. Take care u!

    1. Wow! it's been a long time since anybody has found me 'cool'!! :D(Cheers to me!!).Thanq thanq!! The frustration, well, it is always there.I had dropped an year after 12th but my exams results aren't too good. So, self-loathing, irritation etc. etc. are all now very common for me. Sometimes I can hide them, sometimes I can't..
      Thanks for appreciation though. Good comments always make me feel better :D

    2. Ah dont be so hard on urself. Examinations are tuff these days. I am on a break after my University...can u beat tht? It been more than a yr....apparently m preparing for exams.

  6. great... no shit and the bullets do make your points clear

  7. A guy admitting to be scared? :O And a guy admitting to be a bitch? Damn, how I wish all guys were like you :P
    Cheer up King Kong :D

    1. Set apart the guys, I don't think even the girls admit these things anymore! :D

  8. I don't know how I missed a post on your blog.

    You are a cool person. The current frustrations, whether because of blogging and bastards or because of personal reasons or academics (academics is always frustrating lol) will only make you a cooler and better person. Anyways, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.