Thursday, 14 March 2013


I Just feel like this title "baaaah!". And there is a reason for me to feel like this. I am doing just ok ok on my front where I should have been excellent. The pressure of incomplete tasks is compounding every hour which makes it all the more difficult for me to execute my plans. 
But that's my problem and I can find a solution for it. But what about the problems that are going around me? I am just constantly bugged by different kinds of noises all around me. Giving you some examples, I can hear every sound you just name it-
1) Construction work, especially that irritating stone cutting noise.
2) Old and new songs on a 10k watt woofer, also a gift of my neighbour.
3) Children of the workers crying etc. etc.
4) Beggars, vendors shouting really really loud
5) Temple people, mosque people and every other idiot who propagates his religion by really noisy means!
6) Not to mention about crazy people fighting with each other on as trivial issues as car parking.

And what not? I mean my home is not jut like my home these days. Neither is Delhi. I just want to leave this city. It's not worth living here anymore..aaahh not again! Now a drilling machine! How well could this possibly go?

And just to vent it out, I saw a man hit a dog very badly with a stone this morning. The cry of the dog was just so impulsive that I wanted to beat that man to death for that! Alas! He is my grandfather's friend !
The second thing is, there lives a mad couple next door and they had a adopted a boy. That ought to be good, right? Not so. That boy has been crying since two hours now because they won't let him inside. And this is a constant feature. He is just 8 or 9 years old and watching him being flogged by them makes me sick. Why can't I do anything about it? And they talk about child rights! Hypocrites! India is diseased!

I really want to leave this place because people here are sick! There are buggers everywhere. You try to be good with them and what they do is try to climb over your head. You give them one favour and instead of being thankful for it, they try to extract as many as possible! 
Why did I have to be born in such an uncivilised country? Or why did I have to be educated to be civilised at all? 

The politicians here are morons. people who choose them are idiotic and I am just pathetic to write all of this here!


  1. I know how that drilling, stone cutting sound is..there was a rocky area in front of my house and they were working on building something, it took them 5+ years to get that huge rocks cleared..All the rock is gone and guess what they didn't build anything there, the land is under some legal conflicts and the area is all dead with unfinished pillars and basement giving shelter to poor people around, drunkards and dogs obviously!

    1. I can understand that The traumatising part is not that they stay there, it's that you are unable to do anything ! Feels disgusting- our inability to stop it!

  2. Ba Ba Black Sheep.. Have you any wool?

    Sheep : Naah.. Fuck off! ;)


    Keep you calm and don't give a fuck! :)

    You know its all inside.. Peace and happiness comes from inside.. I am looking for mine and wish that you find it too!

    Happy Blogging!

  3. I know, this was just spur of the moment kind of thing. Once you have let yourself out, you get calmer. This is what I had done. Such things were bugging me and after venting out my feelings about them, I feel less burdened. And I completely agree with you that peace comes from inside. Actually the last words of yours have given me a topic to write about! finding Happiness !

    And just before you get bored by my long comment, I must appreciate that you took the pain of reading such a rubbish. Thank you for those kind words of wisdom.
    And a very happy blogging to you too sir :)