Friday, 8 March 2013

Thriving the Optimist In You #2

Now before you say anything about my punctuality, let me tell you some issues had cropped up (huh?) and they are still goin' on and on and on. Nevertheless, I have taken time out of my so busy schedule to write a post for all of you[sleeping and eating require effort, now no one says a thing now :| ]
Therefore, i expect that all of you will read this post as diligently as i am writing it right now.

So my final hacks for being optimistic are:-

6) Exercise. Everybody has already yelled about it so much that I don't think I need to bug you with another detail. However, for mentally challenged people here's the deal- when you exercise good hormones called endorphins are released more and the your blood circulation reaches an optimum level. Who wouldn't want that?phew!

7) Control your anger. If you are angry chances are high that you'll end up doing things you'd regret later. So, can you remain optimistic when you are full of guilt and remorse?

8) Help other people selflessly. Even if someone isn't very appreciable or was bad with you in the past, do help them no matter how angry you are with that person.

why does this help?
Because when you help somebody you're letting go of your ego and showing humility. By helping your enemy you are decreasing the friction between you two and therefore, are rising in eyes of everybody else. You might not get any appreciation at that point of time but believe me in the long run it's only you who'll reap the benefits of your selfless efforts. People might not acknowledge you
at that time but they will know in their hearts that you had helped them. It will be just a matter of time before they accept it.
So, what will you get from it?
Well, first of all, you'll be making goodwill which is a very important thing wherever you are.
Next, you'll virtually have no feeling of enemosity for anyone and my god, what can you not do with such a brain!Such Feelings do take up space on our brains like viruses in hard drives.
And it goes without saying that you should be appreciative, generous and less faultfinding for others. Just remember you're doing it for yourself, not for the people out there.
With this all of your negative feelings will soon be going down the drain and all you would be left with would be immense control on yourself and others and your surroundings. I like it when I have the power to control people around me, and I know that you do too. then what's the better way to stay optimistic..brr...happy!

9) Finally stay away from pessimists. They will make you a storehouse of their problems and you are not one (unless you are a therapist!). You have your own problem to deal with and listening to the problems of others wouldn't help neither you nor the other person. You do know that many people have a habit of blabbering about even trivial issues with whomsoever and whatsoever place. They not only take up so much of your time but drain you out of energy which you could have utilised to do something creative.

That's pretty much it for now. I hope you'll be agreeing with me with all the points above. And do tell me your ways to stay optimistic. And if you don't have any,why don't you try some of the above and share your experience with me.

Have a nice day :)

P.S -And I was just wondering if the title of the post was apt or not and eureka! it was perfect indeed. I have an explanation for this- why do we all want to be optimistic? Simply, because we want to remain happy and want that only good things happen to us. So that's it optimism=happiness! I am so intelligent na...thanq...thanq!

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