Tuesday, 19 March 2013

no suitable title

I am not quite sure how do I begin with this post. My head is still spinning from the after effects of Jolly LLB. No this is not a movie review post. I am not that crude. But what i am going to write about is, my excitement to see how some people have garnered this art of making themselves the epicentre of this universe. They literally roll every stone in their favour. I am undoubtedly a bit jealous, not because they are good but because I am not. My awe for such self-pretentious people never seems to subside.
 I can also not buy the fact you have to show what you are to everybody, a general mantra nowadays. I am an ambivert(phew!) and most of the times I have to present myself as a different person all together, in different situations. I can be very bland to some of my friends and very warm to some lucky others( ooh dear! I being a hypocrite! what? when? Nooooo! ) Even if you don't agree with me you'll definitely agree with this old saying- we cannot beat every beast with the same stick or more appropriately in hindi - 'Hum sabhi ko ek hi lathi se nahi haank sakte'. It's really wonderful in a way.
 I am surprised to see how many roles we can play in a single day. And we are much better than this acting clan. In my classes, I am a quiet and patient listener. I talk no bullshit and have a serious kinda reputation. And my friends in my colony know me as wild, untamable and   disastrously witty. And at home my folks believe...umm...I don't know what they think because I never cared about it. And nor still do. So, my point is, it's not bad if you do not show your real self to someone if it is benefiting you. And what exactly is this real self anyway? Is it I am chirpy, goofy to some people and serious and boring to some others? Frankly I myself don't know how I am. And would it matter to me anyway to know who I am? I think not. Some topics are better left untouched. Some answers lead to a more complex problem and I am quite contended with the problems in my hand. It will be unwise to call for some more. 


  1. I actually felt I was reading this description of my ownself! I think we all wear different masks and different personas because we all want to be identified as something or the other in different situations :)

    It is ok to not be able to define Who Am I? Sometimes, definitions are not necessary - it's best to save them for the academic arena and live life, one experience at a time - each experience should be from one moment to the next...short-term memory is the way to go ;)

  2. First of all, I warmly welcome you to my blog and next, I am glad that you like this post :D

  3. I think evryone of us bears a different pesonality at different places.
    At once where we can be thougt of as perfect people some might take us as THE ULTIMATE DUMBOS..thats ok..evrything cant b explained because at the end of one must enjoy and live his/her life to the full..:)
    nice blog u too
    keep writing..:)

  4. trust me...u r very good writer the way u writes i felt its about mine feeling and yes.. I myself also don't know how I am...what kind of person i am..and u r right that it doesn't matter at all...!!
    amazing post...keep writing and smiling..:)