Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Finding happiness Part I

I was reading the comment of Mr. rastogi, a fellow blogger( Notebook ) that struck a chord somewhere. The first thing that caught my attention was what he wrote absolutely in the end-"I am trying to find my happiness and hope you find yours". This post explains my viewpoint through a long story on the same theme "finding happiness".


Not very long time ago, a man in his early 20s was working late in the night at his home. As the hands in the clocked moved forward, his efforts did too. He perspired profusely as he kept on working even harder. For him, his ambition was all that he cared about. So passionate he was about his work that he would not come out of house for weeks all together. From the beginning itself, he knew the mantra- that you need to run faster than the time to become the best. But he was not working this hard to earn money, nor to become successful. He was a different kind of animal. A control freak by nature. It was his need to work hard, now his addiction. Working hard calmed him down.  It made him feel powerful as if his tasks used to empower him with control. Control that existed beyond the physical realms of this world. His neighbours weren't much aware of his nature, for he never tried to bond. He showed them no emotion whatsoever. It wasn't his need. Was he like this from the beginning? Partially. His efforts were always more concentrated than his peers and so were his actions. Winning was not his objective but working hard was. Working hard in everything-running, reading,writing everything. Such display of emotionless efforts was a unique experience even for his mentors who always tried to learn more about him. There was a subtle atmosphere of secrecy and curiosity around him always, that made some people panic and some other few rant about him. But no one could ever judge what he really was.

 But one person saw in him what others could not see. Right in the first meeting he saw the intriguing glow in the boy's eyes as he spoke to him. That person was his swimming coach Mr. Diego. Mr. Diego was apart from being a fine swimmer himself had been an ex-astrophysicist but due to recurring events of epilepsy he could not cope up with the demandings of his job. So, he ultimately had to bow down and give up his career. He was a man of high self respect and ego. So, obviously he couldn't gulp down such humiliation that he lost to himself. To make himself rise again, he did what no man could have ever thought of doing. Not only did he spend his next few years in the complete aloofness the coldest parts of the world, he found a permanent cure for his epilepsy all by his himself. But he did not return then. He had found his loneliness more compelling than anything he wanted. After some years he returned back as a different man entirely. A man who valued his instincts more than others can appreciate, someone who doesn't need reason to live, for someone who doesn't seek the reason at all. This ability of him also made him one of a  kind. He could see the things in people, normal persons couldn't even dream of. His same sight spotted that boy, bringing a subtle, satiable smile on his face that came only when he used to look at far away galaxies during his days as an astrophysicist.

 During their first incident Mr. Diego were fiercely keeping tab on his new students who came to learn to swim. All the boys were terrified of him as he constantly shouted,"faster! faster! Move your legs idiots!" The boys were kicking their legs as fast as they could without any conscious effort, for their scare was enough to make them work. None knew how to kick in water, whether their feet had to be rigidly straight or soft like the flow of water. No one cared. But one boy among them was not scared of Mr. Diego. He was kicking his legs way faster than anyone else and most importantly knew what he was doing. Mr. Diego immediately saw this fearless boy and went over him. As against all odds he didn't ask for his name at first instead he shouted at him trying to know whether will he be actually scared or not. But the boy wasn't. And Mr. Diego knew he had found the diamond. So, he embarked on with the boy and made him his new life companion. Their relationship was not like teacher-student nor like father-son, it was much simpler. You must have seen lions when they're moving in groups. They are not in awe of each others power but they respect it. While hunting they compliment and supplement it. Their relationship was much similar. After many meetings he came to know that the boy used to live in a foster home and how he reached  them was still unknown. Mr. Diego was even more pleased to hear it. Their bonding became so strong that he even gave a name to the boy for himself-'Arturo'.

Arturo and Mr. Diego grew together. When Arturo was 16, he ran in a marathon with Mr. Diego and while he was just 19 he and Mr. Diego had already been to several continents together, in some to test their physical endurance and in some to test mental. Results were always same, both of them became an unbreakable force. Both of them had only each other as their friend, family and companion. Arturo only met his step-parents on Christmas holidays, for he used to spend most of his time with Mr. Diego.

 One fine evening, Mr. Diego left a rather a strange note to Arturo.It read-"I have to immediately leave the town, for an old acquaintance needs my help. I shall return only when I am finished with my task which may take a long time. Till then, I believe you shall continue what you are doing. My presence now is minimally needed, therefore, I don't think you shall have any problem living all by yourself for sometime now."
An year has passed since this incident and Arturo has still not heard from Mr. Diego. He now lives in his step-parent's house who died a few years ago  in a plane crash. Arturo though misses Mr. Diego he never gives himself opportunity to accept his emotions. He still remains highly engrossed with the projects he has assigned himself and he was still working up on this project of his that night. Even after so many sleepless nights, Arturo couldn't reach the satisfactory level of his work. But that night was different. His hands worked extra-ordinarily fast and most of his work was by far acceptable to his standards. As he was busy finishing up his work, he heard someone knocking at the door. He was miffed as his concentration broke and at the same time quite surprised as he did not have many visitors and that too at this time of the night.
to be continued

P.S- The next part of the story might take longer than expected. Sorry to leave with the incomplete story here. And it is purely fictitious and self thought.


  1. Eager to know who was there at the door...:)
    waiting for the next part..
    Nd i must say dat it is a well thought and neatly presented story on a really nice theme..
    Keep writing..!!

  2. Interesting plot. Waiting to know wht happens next. BTW, where is the story set? Your characthers have curious names

  3. @Mani- thanks a ton for those beautiful words of appreciation. And I really regret not being able to come out with the next part on time :(

    Ms. Meera- Thank you for visiting my blog.:) The story is set in different regions according to a timeline, the details of which I would've explained in the next part..( again phew! ) And yes, these are rather curious names. And so are the characters themselves! When I was thinking of names, these suited the characters the best. I am glad you liked the plot :)