Friday, 1 March 2013

Thriving the optimist in you #1

Now,before i tell you the techniques to dwell optimism in yourself I want you to know that I myself was a big time pessimist.(Although I used to call myself practical..whoosh). But since last few months I have turned into an optimist. Well, not exactly optimist but I am certainly less miserable these days. Optimism is not about hoping for the best in your life, only you can bring out the best(as they say in the nescafe ad !). optimism is about taking the things with a broader perspective and getting the utmost benefit out of a situation. An optimist has control over the situation.
Optimism is all about calming yourself even in tough situations so that you can have a better control of the outcome. Optimism is not that in bad times you hope for the good. Optimism is when in bad times, you work hard diligently to tide over that time (and not get pressurised too much) and make sure that such a time never returns.

Without dilly-dallying anymore, let me just jump to the key ways that can help you become less miserable or les miserables( I liked the soundtrack more than film, did you?)-

1) First of all, focus on only one thing. Multitasking is really a waste of your effort. Trying to do many things at a time will make you feel more exhausted and you are definitely bound to commit more mistakes and you'll end up in despair anyways.

Why it works?
- Because when you have done a work, you must get appreciated  for it. But if you instead are let down by your work you'll feel dejected and therefore, invariably are heading towards pessimism.

2) Do the task in hand rather than having all eyes on future. Planning about future is a very good thing but all planning and no execution is bad.

why this one works?
- Because once youve completed a task given to you, you'll be overjoyed plus there will be then enough room in your brain to plan ahead mindfully!

3)Executing what you've planned is the most important thing that decides your behaviour. i mean literally the if you do not work out your plan well, you will create new lows for yourself. And would you remain optimistic during the lows long enough? Atleast, I won't

4) Watch and read good things only. Our mind is very delicate just like our body. Feed it with good stuff and it will do wonders but feed it with junk and you bet it will reek.

5) Get out and play.  A brief session of exercise strengthens the good neural pathways and helps in releasing endorphins which are kind of good-for-your-body hormones. It'll definitely help you to stay happy and positive all throughout the day.

6) Rigidly and mind that word RIGIDLY follow your sleeping and waking up schedules. Your day-night cycle is under control of hormones and if you disrupt this cycle, you are in a way disrupting the natural flow of hormones in your body. Try sleeping till 10 o'clock in the morning and the chances are high that you'll have had bad dreams last night. But this doesn't happen when you wake up early(ofcourse by sleeping early). So, it is just a sign of your body telling you to stop abusing yourself!

ab aaj ke liye kch zyada ho gaya...mujhe neend aa rahi hai...i'll continue with this in my next post.

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